Go To The Ant

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. The shadows are falling, the time is far spent,

The closing of day is at hand,

The dead shall arise to that judgment on high,

They’ll stand and face God in the end.


2. There’ll be a great roll call in glory,

The summons has come from on high,

The trumpet shall sound, we’ll gather around,

The great white throne in the sky.


3. The saints of all ages shall gather,

In heaven to answer that call,

There’ll be Peter and John with God’s Holy Son,

I wonder if I’ll be noticed at all.


4. Hear, my dear brother, take warning,

For soon you must answer that call,

There’s a summons of love from heaven above,

It’s coming to one and to all.



So, go to the ant now, ye sluggard,

Consider his way and be wise,

For they lay up in summer for winter,

To hide from the snow and the ice.