Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. One day while in my room in prayer,

From the Foxe’s Book of Martyrs I read,

Of the church that once believed in prayer,

Oh, how they suffered and they bled.


2. In the time of Bloody Mary’s reign,

Satan filled her evil heart with his deeds,

And she stamped upon the Christians as her prey,

With their lives she satisfied her selfish greed.


3. When before the flames stood faithful Polycarp,

And they ask him if he would recant,

He said, “I love Him with all my heart,

The love of God constrains me and I can’t.”


4. In great sorrow Thomas Cranmer did repent,

Of the papers that he signed to recant,

For his conscience brought great sorrow to his soul,

As he thought about the lovely streets of gold.


5. They took him and he stood before the crowd,

There they waited to hear his reply,

He said, “The hand that did betray my Lord,

Shall be the first to perish in the fire.”


6. Some day we’ll see the awful antichrist,

The beast that John saw coming from the sea,

The church of Rome will take the Christian’s lives,

They spilt the martyr’s blood along the streets.



Some through the waters,

Some through the flood,

Some through great trials,

But all through the blood,

Angels are watching around the great throne,

Watching the prodigal who’s coming home.