Faraway Fields

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1995 by Betty M. Pike

1. While here in this world, with all its convenience,

With all that we need, to give our hearts a thrill,

But what will we do, with people so needy,

Wanting to know, if Jesus is real.


2. I can hear Jesus say, while gently speaking,

“Who’ll come and go, take the message for Me,

To those far away isles, where so many are waiting,

Those wand’ring ones, who’ve never heard about Me?”


3. Little children lay down, on the streets in starvation,

With no one to care, for their bodies so frail,

What will you say, when you stand in the judgment,

You’ll hear Jesus ask, “Oh, why did you fail?”



Those far away fields, they keep on a calling,

Those far away places, are so nearby to me,

I can hear poor lost souls, they keep on a pleading,

“Who’ll come and bring, salvation to me?”