Forgive And Forget

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1984 by Betty M. Pike

1. I’m trying, Lord, to do the best I can,

Amid the raging tide of a troubled sea,

So, won’t You come along and hold my hand,

And calm life’s troubled waters, Lord, for me.


2. Lord, so many disappointments here I meet,

And sometimes, I grow weary on my way,

I just have to talk a little while with Thee,

So be patient while You listen as I say,


3. Ev’ry time that I decide within my heart,

To try a little harder just to stand,

It seems to me someone’s always around,

Who wants to interfere with my new plan.


4. Precious Savior, help me never to complain,

O give me strength to help someone a little bit,

For so many times I’ve thought within my heart,

I’ll forgive, dear Lord, but I cannot forget.



Help me to forgive, Lord, and forget,

For the mem’ries of the past still linger yet,

I don’t want to be bitter, Lord, and live in sad regret,

So help me to forgive, Lord, and forget.

So help me to forgive, Lord, and help me to forget.