Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. I’d like to talk with you my friend,

Do you know what is ahead?

Are you ready to meet the Lord, up in the sky?

This old world is at an end,

Oh, have you been born again?

There’s destruction,

It’s getting closer all the time.


2. Heaven’s powers are being shaken,

As the nations are awakened,

The wrath of God is now upon us,

It’s evening time,

Satan’s powers are so severe,

Oppressions more than we can bear,

For destruction is getting closer all the time.


3. Every time the church bells ring,

This soul of mine begins to sing,

My hope of glory is so much sweeter, Christ divine,

Every time the old bells chime,

Rededicate this heart of mine,

For destruction is getting closer,

All the time.


4. Everybody is afraid,

Laughter’s gone, people are grave,

Happiness has left us all so far behind,

Let’s change the trend of this old world,

And beg mercy for our soul,

For destruction is getting closer all the time.



There’s destruction in the breeze,

You can hear it in the trees,

And the birds are so disturbed the animals whine,

On this great Titanic, friend,

There’s trouble up ahead,

I can feel it, it’s getting nearer all the while.