Christian Hall Of Fame

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1984 by Betty M. Pike

1. As I travel through this world,

And I try to understand,

I behold so many things,

Christ’s coming is at hand,

I think about the weary ones,

Who have called upon His name,

And I expect to see them all,

In the Christian Hall of Fame.


2. I’d like to see Saint Peter,

As I walk through the gates,

With the prophets of all ages,

On that lovely day,

I long to see my loved ones,

And say hello to Paul,

But my one desire, friend,

Is to see the Savior of us all.


3. I know that I’ll meet Adam,

And I’ll see Abraham,

The Hebrew children will be there,

To see Jesus crowned,

There you’ll see blessed Mary,

With the saints of old,

We’ll stroll along together,

Down those streets of gold.


4. In this life there’s lots of things, friend,

That will bring you fame,

You can be a millionaire,

The whole world you can gain,

You can be a celebrity,

Ev’rybody know your name,

But I’d rather be a child of God,

In the Christian Hall of Fame.



As I walk down the corridors,

Of that palace up on high,

And I behold those troubadours,

Of the ages that’s gone by,

Oh, what a glad reunion,

For there we’ll shout and sing,

For I know that I shall meet them all,

In the Christian Hall of Fame.