Christmas Time

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. Christmas carols we shall sing,

About the newborn babe,

King of kings born in a manger,

On a bed of hay,

We’ll sing and shout and dance about,

Let’s be thankful, friend,

For the gift of Christmas time,

That God gave unto men.


2. Don’t desecrate the Christmas day,

The day our Lord was born,

Remember that the Savior,

Is a lily among the thorns,

Don’t change the glory of our God,

Into wild Santa dreams,

For ev’ry good and perfect gift,

Comes down from Christ our king.


3. We see the children filled with glee,

A dashing through the snow,

Their hearts with joyful melody,

Laughing as they go,

Prancing reindeer, lovely sleighs,

With exciting rides,

Let’s praise His name for ev’rything,

And stay close to His side.



It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time,

It’s time for ice and snow,

It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time,

Ev’ry where you go,

The snowflakes fall, the children call,

Oh hear the lovely sounds,

Let’s worship God in holiness the entire world around.