Bible In My Hand

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. When my life down here is over,

After I leave this land,

There’s one more thing I want to do,

That’s tell the angel band,

The saints like Peter, James, and Paul,

How Jesus took my sins,

Tell it in heaven one more time,

While Jesus listens in.


2. When we go into the church yard,

They’ll bring the flowers in,

And they will be so pretty,

Coming from my friends,

And the lovely Rose of Sharon,

That I hold in my hand.

With its stains of crimson,

Will make a perfect blend.


3. While searching for a flower,

That will match my suit,

Or decorate my casket,

I know of only two,

The Lily of the valley,

Or just a rose will do,

To match my robe of righteousness,

The Sharon Rose I choose.


4. When we go out to the grave site,

With not much time to spend,

And everybody’s weeping,

Don’t weep for me, my friend,

Just weep for your lost loved ones,

Who may never make it in,

I’ve got the Word and the Word is God,

So my life will just begin.


5. Among the lonely tombstones,

You’ll leave me with the dead,

And loved ones bid their last good-byes,

And they’ll go home so sad,

But let me tell you something,

That will make your poor heart glad,

I’ll be in the land of the living,

There singing in the promised land.



When my face is cold and chilly,

And my friends all gather in,

O somebody, put a Bible in my hand,

And as they gather ‘round me,

Perhaps some soul I’ll win,

As I preach my last sermon,

With a Bible in my hand.