All Over The World

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1995 by Betty M. Pike

1. All over the world,

There’s sickness and sorrow,

All over the world,

There’s sin and defeat,

God sent His own Son,

To bring hope for tomorrow,

That all over the world,

Mankind can be free.


2. Ev’rywhere that I go,

The mighty are falling,

They cannot rest,

To them there’s no peace,

All over the world,

People are calling,

On that wonderful name,

As they kneel at His feet.


3. Christ the hope of the world,

Friend, He is the answer,

To the problems of life,

That’s filled with heartaches and grief,

When we let Him have His way,

The tragedies are all over,

He sends the bright sunshine,

He turns night into day.