A Voice Out Of Heaven

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1981 by Betty M. Pike

1. Sometimes, when ev’rything looks so rosy,

And it’s springtime all around,

Till the season changes, cold wind starts blowing,

And you sometimes feel let down,

We long for the scent of the sweet honey suckles,

And the smell of the sweet shrub trees,

For all of a sudden we don’t understand, what

Happened to the birds and the bees.


2. Today, ev’rything may be in your favor,

And ev’rything’s going smooth,

But without God, unexpected changes,

Can make you lose your shoes,

I’d hate to be just a hungry beggar,

And be without a bed,

Unless we’re walking and talking with Jesus,

You don’t know what’s ahead.


3. I’ll leave you something, folks, to remember,

As I journey on my way,

Just a little bit of sunshine from heaven,

To help you day by day,

Any time your cross seems too heavy,

And you cannot carry on,

Just turn your troubled heart up to heaven,

‘Cause God’s still on the throne.



I just heard a voice speak out of heaven,

And it told me what to do,

“Go out into the highways and the hedges,

And tell My people the truth.”

I thought I would stop and chat a little bit, neighbor,

But I don’t want to intrude,

Friend, if you feel that you’re too busy,

Then I won’t bother you.