Daniel’s Last Week


Perhaps by now, countless pursuers of religious literature have finally discovered that multitudes of books and pamphlets have been published throughout the world, which deal exclusively with Daniel’s seventieth week and its prophetic significance to mankind.

This book, however, introduces a unique approach in its treatise of this highly traveled road of learning, for nestled within these pages are hidden gems of understanding, which like pearls of the deep, evade the eyes of the wise and prudent, while they appear as shining light to the meek and lowly of heart who search diligently for them.

If one should be counted worthy of Christ to comprehend it, the words “Everlasting Righteousness” will take on a completely new plateau of understanding in the heart of those who love the Spirit of truth. Truly, scholars are ever learning, but sad to say, they as a whole have failed to surmount the heights and depths of these profound sayings. Even a seemingly simple term as “Born Again” is an obscure parody of words yet to be understood in its fullness to most educated minds of intellectual study.

Feast upon these bountiful fruits which yield the harvest of over forty years of consecration and solitude, as Brother George L. Pike shares his spiritual insight with those who have a hunger and thirst after righteousness. This great man of God has given his body a living sacrifice, as he and his faithful wife, Betty, took their family across this nation and into the foreign fields in order to share the glorious truths he has received from God during those intimate seasons of rapture in his fellowship with Christ.

Beloved, you will never regret reading these inspiring parables of power, providing that you continue on until you have succeeded in attentively hearing the end of the matter! Keep this in mind: If we can receive these vocabulary expressions of divine origin, and also incorporate them in our own personal lives, we will then experience together the sacred pureness of heart that is yet unfathomed by this unregenerate society, but is revealed in its innocence and simplicity to those who by God’s great foreknowledge are, verily, babes and sucklings such as will learn. Amen!

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord

Daniel’s Last Week

First of all, if you’ve got your Bibles, let’s turn over to the 9th chapter of the book of Daniel. It says here in the 27th verse, “And He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” It also says previously in this chapter that the Lord said, “Daniel, seventy weeks are determined upon thy people to make an end.”

Now, this was to bring in everlasting righteousness; not just righteousness for a season, but everlasting righteousness. This is why that, a lot of times, I seem to be contrary to many doctrinal teachings, perhaps even in the Pentecostal churches, when I’m really not trying to be. I’m only trying to preach the Word. The Bible says that He that God sendeth will speak God’s Word, and I’m just trying to stay with the Word because I know that we’re saved by faith, and faith cometh by the hearing of the Word, so if I teach you something and you come to believe in what I’ve taught, and then you go on until the Lord comes and, all of a sudden it dawns on you that what you believed is really not the Word, then you’ll be lost and I’ll have blood on my hands. So, I’m trying to teach you exactly what the Word says, and it is saying here that He will bring in everlasting righteousness; not righteousness from one revival to another; not that some should be righteous and some should backslide and then come back and backslide and come back; but He says to you and I, “I have healed your backsliding!”

So, God did away with backsliding. He said, “Woe unto the backslider,” which means problems, problems, problems. If you call yourself a backslider, then one woe cometh and then another, and those that He loves, He chastens. So, you will go by the whipping post if you get careless and don’t do what’s right, when you know to do right. He said, “Woe unto the backslider, for I am married unto you and you belong to Me.” He said to Israel, “Thou art a backsliding heifer,” and He put her away with a writing of divorcement, but He said unto us, “I am married unto you, and I have healed your backslidings.”

So then, when we think about this, then we know that He brought in everlasting righteousness. I teach that once you are born again, you cannot be unborn. Once you are born again, you are dead to sin; therefore, you cannot transgress the law anymore because you are dead to the law, and inasmuch as transgression of the law is sin, then you can never sin again, even as the Bible says that he that is born of God, the seed of God remaineth in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God, and the motions of sin can never work in him again. So then, the prophesy said that He shall bring in everlasting righteousness. Then it said that they would anoint the most Holy, which reaches way over in Daniel’s last week, which is the last seven years called the tribulation period, which brings in the temple and the Lord of Hosts, to rule for a thousand years. The angel said to Daniel that seventy weeks were determined upon his people to make a full end. This is saying that starting from the end of this seventy years of Babylonian captivity, when Daniel received this prophecy, that only seventy weeks were left.

Remember now, the kingdom has been divided. Ten tribes had gone away into Assyria, and they are referred to as the lost tribes. Those tribes which remained were of Judah, where the crown was, and it remained there and then went down into Babylon later. Being a Jew, Daniel grew up as a boy down there in Babylon, and during this seventy year period of captivity, he obtained favor with the king. God gave him great visions to where he just controlled Babylon, even to the extent that he was made third ruler in the kingdom, and it’s at the end of the seventy years, that Daniel is seen on a twenty-one day fast, talking to God about his people, and all of these great things begin to happen. Daniel had set his faith to know what would happen to his people in the end time, and he no doubt, said within himself, “I know what is to happen in the seventy years, because it’s outlined in the scrolls of Jeremiah and the different teachers, and all of these things point to the Babylonian captivity, but what’s going to happen to my people after the seventy years?” Then, he begins to see visions and the angel appears to him and says, “Oh, thou beloved man of God! Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people to make a full end.”

Now, when the seventy weeks were to come in, it was to be the whole entirety of the earthly scope, from the time when Daniel hears this prophecy, which was approximately five hundred years before the coming of the Messiah, according to our biblical history. This period is called the silent years, or that is to say, that there were no prophets during that time. So, about the time that this prophecy came, Nehemiah was working as a servant for King Artaxerxes, who was the ruler of Babylon in that day, and Ezra also worked for the king as a scribe. They were there together, and Nehemiah started fasting and was very sad, and the king said to him, “What’s wrong with thee?” And he said, “I cannot be happy because the city of my fathers, even the walls, have all fallen down.” The king said, “What will make you happy? To build the walls again? Then, go get wood from the king’s forest, and go build it.” So, he gave him leave and gave him all of the timber that he needed, and Nehemiah went to build it.

Well, all of this had to do with the prophecy, because the prophecy said that seventy weeks are determined upon thy people. When you say, seventy weeks, it refers to when he said that it would be seven weeks, and three score and two weeks, until Messiah would be cut off. We brought this out before in real detail, and when you sum all of this up together, as to taking the scrolls of the prophets, then you’ll find that a day is equal to a year in prophecy. When you take the first seven weeks, you’ll find that it took seven weeks or forty-nine years for the walls to be built back in troublesome times, and sure enough, this is the way it was. When Nehemiah got this message from the king to rebuild, he started to build but it was in troublesome times. The temple had been destroyed and now, here, they were going to build it back again. So, when they started to build it, Sanballat the half-breed opposed them, and this caused the trouble. This was during the forty-nine years, and then it was to be sixty-two weeks or three score and two weeks until the coming of the Messiah. That, plus your forty-nine years brings it up to what we said: four hundred and eighty-three years, or to the sixty-nine weeks and that leaves just one week from Calvary, which was seven years or one week, and it’s called the last week of Daniel because the angel gave it to Daniel in terms of weeks. So then, it’s called the last week of Daniel and it’s called the time of Jacob’s trouble, because when he refers back to Jacob’s trouble, it refers back to the time of Jacob, when Joseph was lost and when the brethren took him off and sold him into slavery, and it was a great time of heartaches for Jacob.

I’m going over this to give you a little bit to look at, way back there, approximately five hundred years before Calvary, which would be around twenty-five hundred years ago, to bring it up to date as to over here, to where it would be about this time, to give you a little bit of a view, or a little glimpse of what’s going on now. So then, this prophecy came forth, as to the end of the world, and though we cannot hardly grasp the fact that it would be the end of the world, as to just four hundred and ninety years, when there is already just five hundred years left to Calvary; yet, it is a true fact that that’s the way it was. When the four hundred and eighty-three years came to be, then all of a sudden, God did not count this prophecy anymore and He stopped it right there. Four hundred and eighty-three years came, and then He severed from the four hundred and ninety years, one week or seven years. God took the seven years, and placed two thousand years of Church Ages or grace in between the seven years and the four hundred and eighty-three years. So from Calvary, the two thousand years extended all the way over to the end of the world, or to the end of the days of the Gentiles or the church, as to the rapture and the catching away, and then the seven years will come back in, and when they do, it will be called the tribulation period upon Israel; which will be seven years that will breach in between the two thousand years and the one thousand years that was yet to come, which was to be God’s restoration and God’s day of rest, as to the finishing of God’s week, in that here we find that one day is likened unto a thousand years. So, one day, as to God’s week, and then we’ve got seven thousand years that God was to work with mankind, including His rest. So, for six thousand years, He was to work with mankind, for the Bible said that He created in six days and on the seventh day He rested from all of His labor. Then, it is said after this, that when three million people came out of Egypt and were brought into Canaan, it was considered a rest. When we understand spiritual things and it is revealed to us, then we can see that the wilderness journey from Egypt to Canaan the promised land, was the transitional period of time. So then, it was said that these people were headed for God’s rest.

The Apostle Paul, who had this great mystery within a veil, brought this out in his writings to let us know what God was doing and what He had purposed in Himself before the world ever was in Christ Jesus. Paul, being the Gentile overseer, said that these to whom the promise was given of entering into His rest, did not enter into His rest; therefore, God, being angry with them because they murmured against Moses and the ministry, and would not do what he told them to do, then He swore that they should not enter into His rest. Then, Paul said that seeing that these entered not into His rest; therefore, there still remaineth a rest for God’s people, even for them that believe and can enter in. Then he said to take these things as an admonishing or for your admonition, even you people upon whom the ends of the world has come; therefore, being admonished by these teachings of the study of the Old Testament, then you fear, lest the promise should be taken away from you of entering into this rest. Now, he that has entered into the rest of the Lord hath ceased from his own works.

We see all of this put together a little bit, to give us kind of a pictorial thing, as a foundation for what we’re trying to say. We understand then that there is rest for God’s people. Now, the Jews will enter into the millennium, which is the true promised land of that which the three million sought to enter into, which was only typical or symbolic of this great, wonderful rest of God. They will enter into it, as they come out of the wilderness of their life, going over the Jordan and into Canaan, or that is, over the tribulation period and into the millennium. If you’ll follow your revelational understanding, then you’ll find out that the wilderness, the Dark Ages and the tribulation period, are all three as to the same significance, indicating the Jordan, the crossing, the wilderness and these kind of things. It’s in a first power, a second power and a third power projecting. So then, when we understand this, we realize that there is something for God’s people, and it’s so beautiful! Everything is now set for entering into the rest, and that is why the Revelation has come in the end time.

So, after four hundred and eighty-three years, the Lord said that He would send a deliverer, and would bring Jacob out; even so, it is said in the last days, “Behold, out of Zion shall go forth a deliverer, and He shall turn ungodliness away from Jacob and the whole house of Jacob shall be saved.” It’s obvious that a 144,000 Jews are sealed at the first of Daniel’s last week. You can see this in the book of Revelation, when John looks and sees this great multitude in heaven, and at the same time, this 144,000 on earth are sealed to go through the tribulation period, so that nothing should hurt them during the time of the opening of the bottomless pit; for in the eighth chapter of the book of Revelation, at the beginning where the seventh seal is opened, these seven trumpeters are seen and six of them sound. The last three of them is woe, woe, woe and all of a sudden, a vial is filled with the wrath of God from the altar, and the hot coals are thrown into the earth, and there is lightning and thundering, and all of these kinds of things that will have to do with the bombing, the shrapnel and the blood. If we just had the time, it would take about five to seven hours to go into these things in real detail and put them together. Then we wouldn’t have to jump over these things and say little things sporadically.

Now, these trumpeters start sounding, all the way down to the sixth trumpet. Then, there’s a breach between the sixth and seventh trumpet; an angel is seen standing with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea, with his hand raised to heaven, and he’s swearing by Him that liveth for ever and ever, that time should be no more. This agrees with what Paul said, that ye are the people upon whom the ends of the world are come, taking it back to Calvary, where the severing of the seven from the four hundred and ninety is, showing that it was the end of the world so far as we’re concerned, because the spiritual came in and heaven came in, for we are they that dwell in heaven, and from Calvary to that seven years, as to the Jews and as to the tribulation, is heaven. So, there is no earthly perspective during this time, and it agrees with what the book of Daniel said, that four hundred and ninety years are determined upon thy people to make an end, because just as quick as this seven years is placed back with the four hundred and eighty-three, then this thing happens right in the middle of the week of that last seven years, as to the angel declaring the end of the world, when he said that time shall be no more. So, it was only four hundred and ninety years, and we see then the difference between the earthly scope and the heavenly scope. We see what God did when He said that four hundred and ninety years are determined upon thy people to make an end, and how that He put this in a mystery and in a veil, to where a person couldn’t understand it, because I, myself, couldn’t understand it anymore than anybody else, until one day when God spoke to me and said, “Look, I want to make you to understand,” even as He did Daniel, when the angel said, “I’ve come to give you skill.” So, when I looked and saw the seven divide from the four eighty-three, I saw two thousand years come in between. Then, He said to me, “Now, this is why that there were only four hundred and ninety years determined upon the Jews, because the Jews went out of My presence at Calvary, and when they went out of My presence, I did not bring them into My presence again, as to the prophetical utterance here, until the seven years, which was two thousand years past, and then I brought them back in. And then that seven with the four eighty-three will complete the four hundred and ninety years, which is an earthly perspective and then all of this in between is a heavenly perspective, and thus it will properly fulfill the prophecy of the prophet, (these things having to be spiritually interpreted,) that we have four hundred and ninety years, and that’s all there shall be.”

We see this four hundred and ninety years, and we begin to understand that Nehemiah was building the walls back to the Messiah or the coming of Calvary, and that when they were built back, the Messiah did come, but they did not receive the Messiah. So, they rejected the Messiah and the crown did not go to the Jews, but to the Gentile people or to the Papacy through the fall of Peter, to this extent, that history says that he was crucified upside down, and there, as Jesus said, “Get thee behind Me, Satan!” or the casting out, or where Paul said, “I blamed Peter to his face,” saying, “Who hath bewitched you, oh Galatians, that you should not obey the truth?” So then, being called the first Papacy, it showed as to the casting out and the worm in the earth, and it showed that the crown was to bring in a Pontiff that would have supreme say in the earth. Then, from that, would come all of the religions of the world, which would be considered the whore’s daughters, and she would be considered the great whore. There would only be one religion during the whole transition of the two thousand years that would be right, and that would be one faith, one God and one baptism, as it was in the early apostolic church, when the Church Ages started there at Pentecost, when the foundation was laid. This would blaze a trail all the way through all of this other, and the other would branch out all over the world into all kind of religious sects. At the end of that, the Papacy, who is called Papa, would go in there and confiscate, and every one of them would come together, no matter what their belief was; Confucius, Muhammad, or whatever it might be, as to the religions of the world, and he would give them the right and the leave to worship according to their conscience, but that they would do obeisance unto him, as unto Papa, and would have to conform to his way, no matter what they were.

Now, this thing is close at hand right now, and that’s why I brought it out the other night concerning these three people, who were the Papacy, the Rabbi, and Mr. Gorbachev and his thing concerning the green cross or this arsenal, saying that he was completely leaving off with politics, and that he was going after the safety of the people, which isn’t right. He’s really going after this thing so he can bring it around, as a long shot, to correlate the people, to bring them to a political submission and have some free control of them, to set up the united powers of Europe.

The Papacy has made the statement, as concerning his buddy, Mr. Gorbachev, that what we need at the head of the United Europe is Mr. Gorbachev. So, there must be some communication between them, as an agreement to work together, which again agrees with the Scripture, for it emphatically points out that the whore was sitting upon the beast when John saw it, and when John marvelled, it was said unto him, “Why did you marvel? Come, I will show you the mystery of the great whore,” and he showed the mystery as being, Mystery Babylon The Great, the whore which came all the way from over in the days of Daniel, back in the time of the old Babylonian erection, when Nimrod married his own mother, back in the days of the building of the pyramid. While God smote the tower that Nimrod built, and scattered the tribes, because it was built toward the son of the morning, which was Lucifer (erected by the carnal mind). God never would let them capstone the pyramid, for it was pointed toward the star, Darcon, and likewise, the tower of Babel was never finished, for God smote it, and did not let them come back together until Pentecost, when He brought together all nationalities, bring them together in tongues, speaking in one language, which was the language of the Spirit, showing them that we’re all brought back together, and these that gathered from every nation under heaven said, “ We hear them speak in our own tongue wherein we were born.” So, this time, it was a pyramid, but it was a pyramid city of lively stones in the Spirit, upon the foundations of the apostolic leaders.

Paul, having been caught up into the third heaven as the overseer, he was looking down to capstone that thing as the wise master builder, to build this beautiful city of New Jerusalem, the lively stones, up to the star, Christ; as to Paul saying, “It’s not I that liveth, but Christ.” So then, we could go for days on this wonderful Revelation of Jesus Christ, as to bring this about, but I’m just dropping these things in so that you can get a good look at it.

We see these three men coming together in what’s called the global ethics. Having written a book, Mr. Gorbachev’s conviction is this, that we’re going to have to have these three things. One of those major things is religion; whereas, I told you it really will be as to the recreational side of life, back to the Olympics, and it will be the political side of life, and it will be the religious side of life. All three of them will come together, and though it will come together in a different kind of title, this is what it will amount to over a period of time. So, with these three coming together then, all of a sudden, it is said that the Rabbi, (being one of these), hath committed a sin according to the other Rabbis. He is one of the two great Rabbis, and he hath committed a sin that is a sin of the century, as to what the Rabbis are saying, because he went directly to the Pope. Now, two can’t walk together unless they be agreed. He may be a Jew, and he may be religious, and he may be, as to one of those chief Rabbis, but if he fellowships the Pope and Mr. Gorbachev, and they find fellowship together, then his spirit is the same as their spirit. Two can’t walk together lest they be agreed, and that lines up with what the Bible says, that in the latter times, there will be these three that will come together, and it will be as the Bible has stated: the antichrist, the beast and the false prophet.

These people depict that very clearly in coming together there in the global ethics, saying that we’re going to have to settle this dispute by a religious approach, because now perhaps two thirds or more of wars are caused by religious problems, which we said before that it was religion causing it, and now Mr. Gorbachev has decided that the only way to settle it is to have a world religion; not only a world money, which we said would go back to the German mark, but now a world religion and a world government, because when Mr. Gorbachev came to America, the thing he wanted was a united army, which, you know, that happened when Mr. Bush brought this new thing about, as they called it, and reversed it and used it against the Communist power instead of for it, but it still has yet to correlate. That’s what Mr. Powell has to do with in coming in, and that’s what the German leader has to do with in coming in, and that’s what Mr. Graham has to do with in going over into the foreign countries, and more or less cutting his crusades off in the United States. The religious light is gone, and the government of the United States gone. It’s no more. It will just be a rebellion and a revolt, because I’ve said before that with so many people coming in, we’re going to have so many different minds, that we will be split up in splinters the way they were. So, even after Mr. Reagan had them together like he did, all of a sudden, they just split up to where each group was waiting for a leader. In this, it’s all coming together, and these people that are used to settling a dispute by spilling blood rather than by voting, all of a sudden, they’ll revolt, even as we said that they would in America and everything will be torn all to pieces. It’s been just two or three days ago, that somebody was telling me they saw a report that came on television, where these people were just about ready to fight, and they we’re saying, “We will put Mr. Clinton out, because he has been one of the most wretched presidents we’ve ever had, and we will defeat him. We’ll put him out of there!” All right, we’re just dropping in a few of these little highlights along in here, to try to get to what we really want to say.

Now, concerning these three men, remember this, it said that out of these three, the false prophet, the antichrist and the beast, went three unclean spirits like frogs, that went out into all of the world to gather together all of the world through these lying signs and wonders, and bring them together to the battle of Armageddon or to the great day of the Lord.

What are they talking about? This right here, is where we see in the Scriptures again, from the middle of the week of Daniel, where it is said in Revelation 12, that there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought, and Lucifer and his angels fought, and there was no longer found any place in heaven for the devil. The old dragon was cast out into the earth. Then, immediately after, in Revelation 13, he’s cast out. In Revelation 13, John is standing on the sands of the sea shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and out of this that’s called the Great Sea, came this beast with these seven heads and ten horns, with bear feet, a leopard body and a lion mouth. This beast came up immediately after the war of Revelation 12, when the child was caught up to the throne. The woman was in hard travail and there she was in heaven, wanting to bring forth her child, and the dragon was ready to devour the child as soon as he was born. Then, all of a sudden, the child was born and up he went to the third heaven, and the dragon couldn’t get a hold of it. Then, Michael and the angels rose up after the birth, and fought against the dragon and cast him out, and the dragon went away into the earth. No more place was found for him in heaven, and all of a sudden, the woman goes into the wilderness. This is a strange saying, so you have to understand spiritual things.

Now, how is it that the woman goes into the wilderness, when she was in heaven, and it doesn’t say she was cast out of heaven? It says the child went up to heaven, but she went into a wilderness and then it says that the dragon was cast out, and then the dragon is seen chasing the woman, and then she goes into the wilderness, after she has birthed her child. How can that be? It is because there is a first heaven, second heaven and a third heaven, and John was seeing this in the second heaven and that means, illuminated. Satan has made a heaven that has reflected that third heaven, and because of this, it gives a second heaven, and this woman was there. It doesn’t say that the woman was put out of that heaven, as to the grace of God from Calvary that had made that heaven by allowing the wicked to continue on, as He put the rain on the just and unjust, but it says that Lucifer was put out of there.

So, when John saw this, then the war took place. Remember, it was the middle of the week, and now here was a war. In Revelation 13 comes the beast, and in Revelation 14, all of a sudden, here comes one on a cloud with a sharp sickle in his hand, a golden crown on his head and a voice saying, “Thrust in thy sickle, for the harvest is ripe,” and then, out of the temple comes another one with a sickle in his hand and an angel says, “Thrust in thy sickle and cut down the vine, and gather it into the winepress of Almighty God.” So, we see this over in Revelation 14, and at the same time, there is seen a Lamb appearing on the mountain, and the 144,000 Jews that were sealed at the first of the week are caught up to the mountain, and here the Lamb is to greet them. Now, this shows the middle of the week and also what Daniel was talking about concerning the one that shall come and confirm the covenant for one week when it is made. It’s one week, and in the midst of the week, the covenant shall be broken.

Now, this one that shall come, will take away the daily sacrifice, which is the oblation for the overspreading of abominations or that which makes desolate, which is what Jesus said when He was sitting there on the mountain teaching His disciples. He said that when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, then you that are on the house top, don’t go back for what you have there. If you’re out of the city, don’t go back into the city. He said to flee into the mountains, and pray that your flight won’t be on the Sabbath day, nor in the winter, because it’s cold in the Judean mountains in the winter, and if it’s on the Sabbath, they can only go one day’s journey, and then they have to stop. They can’t take their beds or carry anything on the Sabbath. So, Jesus said to pray that it won’t strike at that time. He’s speaking of the abomination that Daniel spoke of, which was way back here, where I’m picking up this prophecy from. So, let’s just keep this in our minds, and we’ll kind of put it all together as we go along.

We see the breaking of the covenant in the middle of the week, and we see that Israel is going to flee. Now, who is this that’s going to flee? The child is caught up, and we refer to the 144,000, as the bodily perspective, to show what happens to the spiritual child, as to the church, who is the spiritual Jew. Then, we refer to the woman as the one that went into the wilderness, where the cities of refuge are across the Jordan, even a place prepared for her for times, time and a half a time; and it looks like she will flee to the valley of Petra.

Don’t forget, that during this time, you can’t buy or sell unless you have the mark of the beast. There is no survival for anybody that rejects the mark of the beast, because at this time, there is an angel flying through the heavens having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, and at this time, there are two prophets that are standing there, ready to be killed in the middle of the week. They come on the scene at the first of the week and were prophesied to come for three and a half years in sackcloth. Now, Satan is being cast out, and we can see the persecution of the woman, in that Satan is going after Israel. Satan will personify himself and gather together this great army, because when the three unclean spirits go out to gather all them that are in the world, it will be this thing concerning Gorbachev and the United Europe, to where this will be confiscated, as these three spirits, being the same unclean spirits, and all of these being a motivation toward the flesh (Satan savoring the things that be of the flesh), of politics, religion and the recreational, olympic side of life; with their going out to gather together all these people into a confederation, as to a united thing, reaching all the way from the Atlantic and over to the Ural mountains of Russia. Now, when they come together in this great confederation, then this wonder that John saw in heaven will then take place, with this dragon coming out of the spirit, and then there is no more blood on the seat of atonement. The illumination of grace is no more. The end of the days of the Gentiles is here, and now Satan is going to personify himself. He is going to try to enter into the temple that the Jews have built in the first part of the seven years, because they’re going to try to build it back. We’ll clarify this in just a few minutes. Then, at that time, he’ll try to enter in to make himself God. This will have to do with the breaking of the covenant. Now, let’s look at it a little more precisely.

So, we see that all of these armies will be gathered together. Why will they be gathered together? Because it’s in the middle of the week that Satan is forced out of the spirit. Although he’s an angel, he cannot dwell in the spirit anymore, but he must put himself in a body to where he can be seen. Then, he’ll set himself up as a king and will take control of all the people. This will be the setting up of the kingdom of the antichrist in the middle of the week, and the powers of Lucifer will then be in control of all of the world. If you remember, it’s right at that time, or just prior to this, that the angel has said that time is no more. That is, God was saying that He was finished; for it said that in the days of the voice of the sounding of the last trump or the seventh angel, the mystery of God would be finished. We say, the mystery of iniquity, the mystery of godliness and all these wonderful mysteries. Now, He said that the things of God will be finished. That is what the Lord purposed in His heart in Christ, before the world ever was, having given the blood to be able to work all of this, even the atonement, to take care of this and to take care of you and I, until He brought us to this wonderful understanding for the change. Now, all of this has been a great mystery, as to wit that God was in Christ, reconciling the world back to Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them, and that by grace. Then He says that now it’s all over and I’ve finished it; which brings to pass Calvary, for Jesus stood at Calvary with His hands lifted up, and said, “It is finished!”

So then, this seven years belongs with the four hundred and eighty-three at Calvary, and here it is in the middle of the week, and we see, as it was, Jesus, and time is no more. Here is the body of Jesus at Calvary, in this bodily perspective, and then over here in Revelation 10:7, it is a spiritual angelic being to show Christ on this side. So then, the breach is in between here, which we don’t have time to elaborate on, but it shows us that God is finished, and when He is finished, the blood comes off of the seat of atonement. He is now through with the Gentile people. He will not use a religious reflector anymore; therefore, there will be no more grace. No more rain and no more sunshine on the tare. We will have been, on the inside, restored to that as it was originally, when the earth was watered from within in the garden, so that there would be no parasites, no hog wallows, no nothing. So, after the fall, and after the tilt of mankind and the tilt of the earth, the rain had to come to keep the righteous alive, and the tare took advantage. It had to come from heaven, which cut it off here, as to no more grace, because now at this point, the fountain is open in the house of David, for out of your innermost being flows rivers of living water.

So, when we come to the middle of the week, we see this angel that said to cut down the vine. We use the terms, “And these things went through the grapevine.” That is to say, God was saying, “Cut down the Gentiles, for I am through with them. The day of the Gentiles is over. I can’t use them anymore. I don’t want them anymore. They have now come to the point of taking the mark, and I will not look on them anymore because it is iniquity. That is, a willing submission, and now there is no blood for me to look at them through, so I would now have to look directly at them, and I cannot look on iniquity, so away with them!”

Then, all will go into darkness, and gross darkness will fill the kingdom of the antichrist, starting at the middle of the week as he sets it up; just as Gorbachev and these come together to set that thing up in the middle of the week. Then, the light will withdraw with no more religious light or understanding whatsoever, as they bring that one world religion together, which will be Catholicism with Papa over it. It will boycott under the number 666, which is already on the crown of the Papacy, which is, Vicarius Filius Dei, and can be broken down, as to the numerical order of 666, which means the number of a man, coming under Papa, as to the antichrist, and coming through those heads that John saw in 93 AD. The angel said to John that five are already fallen, showing it was Babylon back there, as to five of those headships. He said that one is, like Nero and Domitian, when they were persecuting the church, and now one is in power in his day and one is to come, which obviously was pointing way over here to the end time, and brings us around to Pope John, to bring about these seven heads.

I brought this out one time, in a kind of a fractional sort of a way, when I said that though it is seven heads that was on the beast, it still wasn’t the antichrist, but all of these seven heads did have to come, and I said the last one, as to what we had said about Pope John, as to one of the heads wounded to death, that it said it was a deadly wound, and I said that the wound would be healed, and all the world wondered after it. I said that it would bring it all the way over to the end time, and make the diplomatic relationship with Israel; and then after that, that would end it. Then the next one that comes on the scene will be the antichrist. Because it was said that though there were seven of them, there came forth an eighth. There was not seen an eighth head on the beast, but there came forth an eighth, and this eighth one is the antichrist. The Bible said that he is of the seven, which means he has to come through the Papacy or through the Roman powers, as to the same thing of the 666.

Many times we get confused because we look at the beast when John saw it, and we see the great whore on the beast; so we say, “There’s the great whore, the Catholic Church, so it couldn’t be through the Papacy.” But see, it wasn’t speaking of the Papacy, but it was speaking of the church that comes up under the Papacy. The head of the church goes back to the Papacy and to the antichrist. So then, it is the great whore. It indicated that this beast would be the coming together of those things, as to a constitution or people that are not Christians, because people that are not Christians are beasts.

When God showed Daniel those visions back there, He showed those kings as beasts because they are beasts, and in the end time, when it all comes together, everyone that comes together that’s not a Christian, will be the beast. All of them will form that body of the leopard, of the bear feet and of the lion head, which was identically what Daniel saw in his day, when he saw Alexander the great as the leopard, and he saw the Medo-Persian kingdom as the bear, and he saw Nebuchadnezzar as the lion. This same Babylonian system coming right back together in the end time. When you look at the leopard, it goes back to Greece and back to the Olympics; and when you look at the bear, it goes back to the political powers of the old thrust of that thing back there that Daniel saw as a bear, when it raised up and had those ribs in its paw and it was said, “Devour much flesh!” When you go back to the religious side of it, you’ll go right back to Nebuchadnezzar, because he was driven out with the beasts and then converted, to the extent that he began to believe in Daniel’s visions and accept Daniel as his god and began to cater to the Hebrew children as his three leaders, and it became just like a religious empire down there, and everything is coming right back together in that great Babylonian power.

Now, If we had time tonight to go into that, we could show you what we’re talking about. We ran over this one time in a light thing, where in history, we find that Attalus, who was the high priest of Babylon, fled during the time of this Medo-Persian thing and the changing of the kingdom back there, and he went over into a place called Pergamos. When you look at the Church Ages which John spoke of, they start with Smyrna and then go down to Pergamos, which is called the seat of Satan; and we find in history, that he actually conveyed this title of priesthood from the Babylonian system to Julius Caesar. He bequeathed it over, and then when it came into that, it came into the Roman powers, because the thing that followed in Daniel’s vision of the leopard was this strange iron thing that had these iron teeth and brass nails and just devoured, which had to do with the Roman powers coming in. So, from that, it was conveyed over, going up into Pergamos. Then, history tells us of those who were called the Etruscans, who went from there, and apparently took this religious thing down to Rome.

We also brought it out about these two children, Remus and Romulus, that were brought up among these wolves. They had strayed off from their parents, and the wolves nourished them and brought them up, and they got control here in Rome. Then with this, we brought it out how that later on, Constantine’s mother became a Christian when Constantine came into power and he saw the red cross; and also in the days of the Dark Ages, how it was the Crusaders that went through there and went all the way over to Jerusalem, and how his mother built that shelter that is now over the birth place of Jesus, and how that during that time when Constantine got into this thing, it was on a low level of life, and Paul, having been in prison, talking to these leaders in the upper echelon, got this into the hierarchy, and now they were building golden altars and decking the priests out in all of these robes, making them to be brought into the great ecclesia of the riches and powers. Then, they took their old Babylonian “Sun-day” and their day of “Ester”, and brought in Easter and Lent and all of these things were incorporated, as to transubstantiation, to bring a mystic sort of a thing. Then it was called, “Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots;” and from there, even with Martin Luther coming out, as to the Protestants, it still was a Catholic thing that came out, and it still spread until all these things were over the world. So then, we see it’s brought up to date biblically and historically, and we find that all of this thing has come into view.

Now, in the first of the week of Daniel’s seventieth week, the church goes out. It’s changed and the dead in Christ shall rise first. We which are alive and remain, shall be caught up to meet God; for He shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the trump of God and the voice of the archangel, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then, we which are alive and remain will be changed. This is Paul’s mystery that we shall not sleep. Someone would say, “How do you know the church is going out at the first of the week, Brother Pike?” Well, some teach post-millennialist and some teach pre-millennialist. Some say before and some say afterwards, because the Bible speaks of the resurrection in Revelation 19. So, we are speaking about a resurrection before that it doesn’t speak of, and yet we know there really is one, but you have to understand, and we don’t have time to go into it. I will say this; that if the casting away of the Jews be the reconciling of the world, which was at Calvary, to bring in the Gentiles, then what will the receiving of the Jews be, at the beginning of the tribulation period, but the resurrection from the dead. So, if the resurrection from the dead comes, then that means that is the translation. So, we see this, that whether post-millennialist or pre-millennialist, even in the whole dispute, it positively shows in the Scriptures that it will be before the tribulation period, even at the beginning. So, you and I won’t go through the tribulation period, neither will you see these things come to pass that I’m telling you because you are not going to be here. I’m only telling you these things so that you can know where you are right now, because these things are what the Jews will see. When it speaks of the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place, the place it ought not, which is in Jerusalem, then you and I will not see it.

So then, having brought it up to date to where we can kind of get a picture of it, we see that in the middle of the week Lucifer is cast out. How is he cast out? It’s just a withdrawal of this great illumination of God, and there is no more second heaven. Right now, the woman is heavy with child in there, and it shows the Jews, as to the bodily perspective. When that lifts, it means the blood has come off. Satan cannot, as in the days of Job, go into the presence of God again, as He did through the human body back in that day, as to the blood being on the seat of atonement from the foundation of the world. Never again can the accuser of the brethren go there and say anything else, as he accused Job before God, because it will all be over and he’ll be in total darkness, and God can’t look at him or get near him, and he can’t get near God. The only way Satan has ever been able to get illuminated and get near God was in the body of a human being; that is, through the wretched, as to the tare, that’s got the benefit of the illumination of this light by means of the blood, while God gives opportunity to the saints, who are the foreknowledge predestinated, to come out from among the world, because God’s angry with the wicked everyday; and the very day that Lot went out of Sodom and Gomorrah, then the fire and brimstone came. So, the very day that the church goes out, as to the change, then the fire will come. If you look at the book of Revelation in the 6th chapter, you’ll find in that sixth seal, the heavens open like a scroll, and the sign of the Son of Man is there at the first of the week, and these people are running to the caves and the mountains crying, “Let the rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth upon the throne, for the great day of His wrath has come, and who shall be able to stand?”

So, this is how the devil got cast out: the illumination left him just like it left Adam in the garden. No more illumination, as to the religious. No more reflectors! That’s why the stars will fall. That’s your middle wall of partition, the reflectors of the sun, to keep the wrath off of us. The ozone will be broken down, and the sun will become seven-fold; and the third part of the moon, the third part of the stars, the third part of the trees, the third part of the earth and the third part of that which is in the sea, will be killed. The waters will turn into blood, and the star, “Wormwood,” will fall. All of this is a third part, because it has to do with the Protestants, the Catholics and the Jews; or it has to do with first power, second power and third power, as to Satan’s spirit, man’s spirit and God’s Spirit. Satan’s spirit, which is the power of darkness, has climbed up above man’s spirit, and has gotten in between man’s spirit and God’s Spirit. That’s what caused the fall. God, not being able to look at man, had to come into the womb of a virgin and create a blood cell. Then, He had to get into that cell, in that one place of virginity, and make Him a body and come through this body from the inside out, to be in the midst of His people, to get past the iniquity to where He could look at the people through the blood of Jesus, as to this righteous blood of the new life. God then put this body there for an atonement, to take away the sins, in order to bring to pass the foreknowledge, in that it is given to us in Christ before the world ever was, and was brought to light at the rent veil of Calvary, preached down through the Church Ages, and then comprehended in the heights, depths and the widths, unto the translation of faith.

So then, we see that with this, God projected Himself in that body, and after hanging it on the cross for atonement, He came into our heart as a Spirit, working from the inside out, to purify our blood and make it royal blood, changing our body into that wonderful celestial body. God has worked this great thing, and Satan doesn’t understand it, even until today. He is confounded! The angels desire to look into it, as to how God outwitted Satan, after He did what He did, in putting the iniquity there, to take the body and make Himself a God-family or a God in this world.

So, in the middle of the week this thing happens and we see Satan cast out because the illumination left. The illumination did not leave the woman because God was still with the woman, for she was still in heaven. You are still dwelling in heaven because you are not only illuminated, but you are on the inside born of the Spirit. So then, it did not leave the woman, but she went away into a wilderness, being protected by this wonderful thing that John had seen in heaven, and she will be there for times, time and a half a time, as to a purification, as it was in the Old Testament after a woman brings forth a child; and now she has brought forth a man child and she is there.

Now, who is this that is being gathered together? All of the Gentiles! Why? It’s time for the stars to fall. There’s no need for those reflectors anymore. No more vomit on God’s table. No more of the Gentiles to reflect this great, wonderful, strong light to them that are out there as babes among them. We don’t need reflections anymore. That’s why all of your evangelists are falling. That’s why we said that the lights would be well on their way out by 1970. No more of the stone age of that which was of the Jews, when they were cut off: No more of the moon, which is that stone, as to that which we say back here, revelationally speaking, of the law, where Paul said that there was a veil over the face of them in reading of the Old Testament. They couldn’t see the Revelation, and when the light showed it up, as to him being blind, he realized that he had to go to the street called Straight, get that veil away, and come into the Revelation of the mind of Christ. This veil is that intellectual thing that you have in you, that came from a derivative, as of the tree of knowledge, of the fall in the garden.

With this, Paul said that they could not steadfastly look unto that which was to be abolished. That is to say, the stone (moon) coming down; the stars, the reflectors and that which is drifting around up in space that is nothing more than rock and nickel, they’ve got to come down! They don’t belong up there. That’s Satan, climbing up into that upper lintel. By grace, he climbed up there, and got between God and His creature. Everything natural has to revelate and relate to it, everything physically has to relate to it and everything spiritually has to relate to it because what happens in one dimension, happens in all of the dimensions. So then, when Lucifer goes out, he sets up his kingdom in the earth. “Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth, for Satan is among you, and he goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, for he knows he has but a short time.”

Now, when we come up to this place, we know then that the three unclean spirits are going out to organize this world union, even this United Europe, because that is the bodily perspective. The spiritual perspective over here in America is through with. The woman over here with the child, which is caught up to the throne, for the birth is over here. Now there will be nothing but problems over here, and America will go into darkness and into a wilderness, which she is already beginning to do. She can’t figure it out. We said she would do this and she is. Now, the child is going back to the throne and to Jerusalem, to bring that in to establish the throne and the government, going by the way of Germany and going back through this European thing, as to the antichrist or the seven years of tribulation, and then to Jerusalem and then straight in to the millennium, where the child is caught up and sits on the throne with the twelve apostolic leaders for a thousand years.

Now then, at the middle of the week, the angel came to thrust in his sickle and cut down the vine, which was the gathering of all these armies, to come in against Jerusalem, because in Revelation 14, the seven vials are poured out, which starts in the middle of the week. They are poured out during the time of the seven vials. This is where we predicted that the river Euphrates would be dried up and sure enough, they’ve found out that they can dry it up. They’ve dried it up to make way for the kings of the east, which would be the organizing of the United Europe, which means asylum in China, going back to Mr. Bush, the savior of Israel, and that of putting his foot on the head of the dragon, as to the legend which was China, stopping the imports, defeating Hussein, and bringing down the iron curtain, driving Communism out, to the extent that Mr. Gorbachev doesn’t want anything to do with it, which fulfilled what we said that he would go religious when he was over there in rule, and he will not press the issue of Communism, but he will travel around the world and find out what is the best among the ethics of all, put it together and that will be his governmental thing that he will bring in, and sure enough he’s written this article thing to get their attention and has found favor with all of them.

Mr. Gorbachev came in like a prince to Israel, and then, all of a sudden, here he is, moving toward the political powers of the religious thing, trying to bring together, as it would be, the east, which would be the Rabbi, as to the Jews, and then to the west, which would be Catholicism, as to the Papacy, because America in general is either the whore or the daughters, and then the European thing which goes back to Mr. Gorbachev. All three of these brings the world and these armies together, along with the confederation of people. All of them will gather together by those three spirits, with these great mighty things that these people will do, as to the phenomenal things, which they will do by coming together. When they draw them together, then it will be the end of the world, and we will show you how it will be the end of the world in just a minute or two. Someone would say, “Well, how do you know that?” First of all, for your sake, you can see it in the Scriptures, right there in the middle of the week just before the sounding of that last trumpet, where the angel says, “Time no more!” This means that Calvary is now effective and it’s the end of the world. You are the people upon whom the ends of the world have come. At the sounding of the last trumpet, the voice said, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever.” That is the very thing that’s on our flag which was sent to Mr. Reagan and to Mr. Bush, and it was also sent over to Israel but the man did not receive it. He went out of office and I said that the compromiser will come in to his office and the tribulation will come, and the time is here. Now the days are over and the last seven years are now upon us, as to calendarwise.

So then, we see that this has happened and the reflector, Billy Graham, has gone out. The religious light of America shifted that way, that everything might brighten up there, because wherever religion is, religious light becomes a government. People begin to understand, and that’s the way they get their government, just as Washington did over here. This government completed its cycle, coming all the way back to Mount Vernon, as it was with Washington’s home place, the place of seven governors, and at the end of the Church Ages, there are nine governors coming here, and all of a sudden, the Little White House comes over here, while the flag was accepted there in Washington, D.C. Then the flag comes from over there in Israel, and it comes from up here at Pope, Mississippi, to show that Papacy sort of a thing; and then this of Mr. Bush over here, conveyed over as to that when he sent the letter to us of the anniversary, and of Mr. Reagan, when he wrote to us over there at Eden, to show that God is getting together a government. He has to have a government before another government falls, and when this one fell He shifted it here and He shifted it from over there in Israel, because just as quick as they refused our flag, then the PLO came in and they put up their flag and then they began to take over, and they had to start making what Daniel called then covenant. So then, we see this all falling around 1993, just like we said it would.

Now, the vine will be cut down. When it said to cut down the vine, it meant that all these armies would come across this river after asylum, and that of China, and they organized; all coming against Jerusalem, to make an end of Jerusalem, to fulfill the prophecy that Jesus spoke to them just before He went away saying, “Now your houses are left unto you desolate, and they’ll entrench round about you.” All these armies will come together against Jerusalem, to make an end of the royal seed, which Satan has always tried to do; for the Bible said that he will set his palace between the great seas, and it has been set in Rome at the Basilica of Peter all this time. The Bible also tells us that tidings out of the east shall trouble him, as to the antichrist, for there has always been this thing of Israel and another Messiah coming, that has troubled him, in that he made himself God.

So then, in Rome will come to pass this great world trading, and this place that’s called the Common Market. That’s what the book of Revelation is speaking of, as to her desolation in one hour, when it said that all of the refineries will be gone, because everything will be confiscated. America will not be getting her imports here because all of it will go right there. That’s why when it was blown up, the shipmasters threw dust on their heads and said, “Alas, alas, that great city that made the world rich has fallen!” That is to say, the Basilica of Peter and the Catholicism that sold their goodies and kept people in business with all of these things; whereas, she’s drunk off of the blood of the martyrs. When we see this, all nations will be involved in it, coming to rebuild old Babylon, and bring this thing back up, as to Rome and Babylon, bringing in a political power in Babylon, putting in the modern ways to get there and then taking control of Jerusalem to make that the place of the priesthood, that antichrist can have his rule there, just like this man that is supposed to be the successor of Pope John Paul, should anything happen, and he says that his desire is to live and to die in Jerusalem. So, I told you before, that they already have some drawings, as to a Vatican, inside of the old city. Let’s look at it just a little further.

So then, we see the vine cut down. That is to say, when all of these people come in to bring the desolation of Daniel, it will be as to what Jesus said, “Your houses will be left unto you desolate.” When these armies come in to make an end, then it’s at that time in Revelation 19, that the heavens open, and Jesus comes back on a white horse and the blood runs to the bridle, because that is the battle of Armageddon. This is when the woman comes out of the wilderness, for the time of the purification is over, and the time of the millennium comes in. Jesus comes to fight against those great armies for Jerusalem, for them to conquer the world and become the head of the nations through the millennium, and when this happens, the saints come back with Him.

Now, when this valley begins to run with blood, this is what the Bible was speaking of in the book of Revelation, when it spoke of the winepress of Almighty God. More battles have been fought and more blood spilt there than any place around the world. There will be so many armies at this battle that the blood will be to the horse’s bridle. Some of you have stood there and looked across this valley with us when we went over to Israel. So here, the vine is cut down, and the vine is the Gentiles. No more grapevine! It’s gathered into the winepress of Almighty God, which is the valley of blood, and the winepress shall be trodden without the city, and this is those horses coming in. When this happens, it was just following where the one had appeared on the cloud with the crown, and had the sharp sickle, and he said to thrust it in and reap, for the harvest is ripe. He had gathered the cluster of the vines, as to the grapes, as to the spilling of the blood of them that died at that moment when antichrist confiscated his kingdom and forced the mark, and then killed those that rejected the Lord. That’s what that has to do with.

So, at the beginning of the week, we see the heavens open and the Lord coming. Then, in the fourteenth chapter, we see Him coming again on the white cloud. In Revelation 19, we see Him coming again on a white horse. The woman flees into the wilderness and the child goes up. Where are these that the antichrist persecutes? It said that he goes to make war with the remnant of the woman. If you cut the dress out, you’ve got the remnant left. The child is gone, the woman is gone and the devil’s angry. He can’t get to either one, but there will be those that are left in Jerusalem, and especially those that have been gathered in the last number of years, saying that these are Ethiopian Jews and German Jews, and these are this kind of Jew and that kind of Jew, and whatever. All of them are coming together, and they will be totally oriented and interested in natural things. All of these things will be in there except the elect, because they will be pulled out of it, but these will stay in there, and will not flee like the Lord told them, so when antichrist goes against Jerusalem, as to these armies gathering in there, it will be the antichrist, as to the devil being cast out, going to make war with the remnant of her seed. When he goes in there, he will ravish the women, rip them up and kill and destroy. The Bible said that such devastation has never been, no, not since the beginning of the world. So, we see how it fits together there.

Now, let’s look at it just a little bit different here. In the middle of the week, there is an earthquake. The last trumpeter sounds in Revelation 11:15, and then the great earthquake hits and the great city falls apart. I spoke of the breaking down of the wall, the middle wall of partition, because now the Jews are sealed in. Their blood redemption, as to the Lamb, is on Mount Zion, and they are sealed in. The 144,000 are gone, who are the whole nation of Israel; twelve thousand to a son, to a tribe of Israel. So then, we see that Jesus is there as the deliverer, and the whole house of Israel is saved. When we look at this, we might would ask, “Why is the great city torn down?” It is because the Bible says, concerning Jerusalem, that city which spiritually is called Sodom. They are practicing fornication and the act of sodomy in Jerusalem, even inside the old walls, with all of this filth, as the Gentiles come in from all over the world. When John measured that city, the voice said to leave out the outer courts, and don’t measure it; it’s got to be trampled down by the Gentiles. They are coming from all over the world, trampling down everything as they come in there, so you can’t say anything about it as of yet, as to the measurements to bring it into redemption, but you can measure the temple.

That’s why we, being in the physical over here, as to the spiritual perspective, can be measured on the inside, spiritually speaking, and our measurements will come out without spot, wrinkle or blemish; for we keep ourselves and the evil one never touches us. We’re perfected forever, justified and sanctified, but you can’t measure this body on the outside because it is the outer courts, and cannot yet be changed, for we’ve got to wait until the redemption. Although it’s the purchased possession, we wait for the redemption, being sealed inwardly in the spirit to the redemption of the body, as in this second power, as it shows in the first power over there, even as it points to the third power of the spiritual thing, if we went into that. So, in this, it means that you can’t measure that yet, as to this outer court. You can’t say, yet, that it is in the likeness of God, because it is already fallen from God and the illumination, and this indwelling light of this glory must be made manifest in your mortal genes, to the altering of your countenance and to the transfiguration, to bring it into glory. Once it is there, it is then measured by the Word, which is the same measurement as that of angels, and you’ll then have the same benefit of that on the inside.

So then, with this, as to the middle of the week, they can’t measure the outer courts because it’s to be trampled down, for there is something that is coming at the breaking of the covenant, where the Gentiles are going to control and set up their kingdom, as to the Gorbachev thing and as to the beast. In setting it up, it’s going to cause Jerusalem to be defiled in the sight of God, and the Jews won’t have control anymore. Then, God will destroy the thing and break down the middle wall of partition, as to that wall which divides the old from the new, and this will end the weeping and the wailing of the Jews; whereas, it is said that they will come from the east, west, north and south, and sit down in the place of the children of the kingdom, and the children of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness, where there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth; that is, at the wailing wall in intellectual darkness. There’s no light of understanding from God until the Gentiles are finished, and then that wall will then be broken down. There will be no more weeping and wailing, as to the Jews, because the body will be redeemed. The Jews will come in, and they’ll stop the sacrifice of those natural things, of the blood of beast, and then that new life, as to the new blood cell, will appear there in the middle of Daniel’s last week. The last trumpet sounds and there’s war in heaven, and all of these great devastations begin taking place. Now, someone would ask, “What caused all of this?” That’s the thought that we want to hinge this thing on, as to close out with.

We know then, that there is a man with a mark, and we know that if he gets control and becomes the head, and if everybody comes under a political power, then they’ll be under the man with the mark, or the mark of the beast or the number, because Gorbachev and the Papacy have become confederate, as to the antichrist system and the beast. When you say, “beast,” you’re just talking about a natural body that is not a Christian and yet this has to do with more than that because five are fallen, one is and one is to come, and then the eighth is as to the antichrist. It is this, when we speak of the beast, for it said that he was, he is not, but he shall ascend out of the bottomless pit. So then, we know where the beast is coming from, and we know that antichrist will come through the great whore, as to be over her through the Papacy, and will be the eighth one that will come in there, and that is pointing right toward that thing of wanting to live and die in Jerusalem, and as to the beast, back to that where it was said of Judas the son of perdition, that was there, that was, and now he is not, for He went to his place, and then it said that he is, for he shall ascend out of the bottomless pit.

The bottomless pit always has to do, symbolically, with the ocean. They cannot fathom the bottom, so when he comes up out of the waters among the people, being symbolic, he comes up as the beast with the ten horns, which means as a confederation or a constitution of the body of the old Babylonian kingdom, which is the body of the people. The ten horns are the confederation of those ten nations coming together, and as to the seven heads which is the Papacy, then it will be out of the Catholic church.

This goes back to the visions of Daniel when he saw this, as to the horns of the ram being broken, as of this he-goat that struck the ram. There were two horns of the ram, which was the Medo-Persian kingdom, and one horn of the he- goat, which was the Grecian kingdom, and this one is broken by those four horns that came up, each one to the east, west, north and south. Now, out of these horns, came forth a little horn, which became great toward Pergamos and to the Holy Land, and this relates to the seat of Satan and to the antichrist, which we brought out historically a little earlier.

We see this as to antichrist and the ten horns, and we see that out of that, came one horn among the ten horns, which subdued three horns, and that made eight horns instead of ten horns, and that goes back again to the eighth or the antichrist power. So, we see that one of them is going to become a triple power, having strength among those nations, as to the constitution of those things. Then, we brought out, as to the old lion head, and what it had to do with that old religious thing, which goes back to Mystery Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar. So then, we see the bear feet, going back to that communistic government of Russia. The body of the beast is not communistic, only the feet are; so it’s a constitution as I said, of these things around the world.

Now, when we see this, then we know that God has tore up Jerusalem because now has come the antichrist; coming out of the deep and going into perdition, as the son of perdition. The devil was in Judas, for Jesus said that twelve have I chosen, and one of you is a devil. So, the devil is cast out, and the time is now, for the moving of the personification; to set up his kingdom which will be in total darkness. That means that they will have no understanding, except intellectual understanding from the old colleges. Everything will go into darkness, as to the intellect. Everybody will be with a diplomacy. Everybody will be intellectual with experiences, with frolic, and with their natural desires and passions, and the Catholic church will allow for all of these worldly things.

So then, these things will come together, as to the middle of the week. Now, Daniel said that he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. Let’s look at this for a minute or two. We spoke of the year 1993, and all of a sudden, we uncovered the fact that seven months ago, though, as far as I know, there has been nothing said of it, but there was something that was drawn up and was signed by the top leaders of the Jews, and this will be as the prophets said, that from henceforth, all of the world shall enter in through the gates of Jerusalem. This is Old Testament prophecy, and we’ve spoken of these things; of the trampling down of the outer courts, and you’ve seen them come from all over the world, as tourists into Jerusalem; just like the prophet had said, seeing it way off in the end time. Then, all of a sudden, as they said, they will come, and will build the temple back; as it is written in the Scriptures, as one of them stood up over there in the time of the Pentecostal gathering, saying that this agrees with what the prophets have said, that I will return in the latter days, saith God, and build up the fallen down house of David; which house was the temple that David gathered, as to the material, but he had too much blood on his hands to build the house of God, so Solomon built it. So then, the lively stones, as to New Jerusalem (Solomon’s temple) on the new earth, but it has to come to pass in the natural to the natural Jew. So, we’re speaking of the temple which will be, as to the millennium, and the Bible says, through the prophetical utterance, that all of the nations shall flow unto this great temple and the people will say, “Let us go up unto the house of our God and let Him teach us of His ways.”

Now, after the battle of Armageddon and the seven years of tribulation, they’ll beat their swords into plowshares and pruning hooks, and they will burn the wood of all of this artillery for firewood, and then this great millennium will come in. They will plow their own fields, plant their own vineyards and build their own houses. The lion will lay down with the bullock and they will eat straw together, and Satan will be bound for a thousand years. It will be God’s day of rest and nothing shall harm in all the holy mountain. The curse has already been lifted for us, and that from Calvary. By faith we see it in the spirit, and it will be lifted from them by our return as a sunlight to them during the millennium, to restore all things that the cankerworm has gotten, and all the years the caterpillar has gotten; which means the worm Jacob, as to the human being, or the body which is the people, which is the old body of the serpent that’s devoured it with their intellect. God said that He will destroy them that destroy the earth, even them that destroy the morals or bring in these inventions of blowing up things, as to the bombs which are cracking the earth up.

At the end of the millennium, as to the day of God’s rest, when everything has been fully restored, as to all of the lost species, then the celestial will come in and the world will change into the celestial forever, as to the new earth, and down will come that beautiful city which is you, the lively stones, descending out of heaven from where you are at, having ridden over the millennium, coming down upon that new earth, as that jasper light of the revelation of understanding on the inside of this great temple, the body of Christ. The kingdom of God within you, radiating through there, going out as a governmental constraint to all the world; because there are two constraints and there are two governments. One is an intellectual government of the tree of knowledge, and one is the Word of life, from the tree of life, that is the people of God’s government. All of the governments of the world stem from the old house of prostitution, as to the tree of knowledge or the intellectual; to build all that you’ve got in our modernism of things, to educate, to legislate, to bring about shares and to bring about presidents of intellectual degrees, and even so it is of the world. All of that is vanity and it is to pass away because it’s only a reflection, but this great wonderful light that God has given, was to make Adam the god family and the government of the earth. This is the light, the abundance of living, and this is that understanding of Almighty God that spoke the world into existence and created you.

This great light that’s coming at the end of the millennium will completely abolish everything. Heaven, earth, and everything, as to these natural things, will pass away. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. This great wonderful light will radiate from the celestial city, which will be the governmental constraint of your understanding, your mind and your diplomacy. The Bible says that all of the children of God will be of a good understanding. All the world will walk in the light of that covenant, of that understanding. The kings and all the thrones of the world will come, periodically, into that city, where the Bride will be, and will put their crowns down at the feet of Him that sits upon the throne, where the twenty four elders will be, to represent all of the people. These elders will be saying, “Lord of lords, King of kings; Thou hast made us priests and kings unto our God, that we should rule and reign with Thee.”

So, when we look at this, as a closing thing or two, we know then that seven months ago, this religious thing was signed, which stated in many words that we, the Jews, agree that every religion of the world shall be protected to where they can worship the way they want to, as to any people, as to any god, and they will have protection. This is their interpretation of what the prophet was speaking of which brings in a natural thing, when God was speaking of the millennium when the Jews will be the head of the nations, but as to this period of the natural, they are putting it all in the natural because they only know a natural promised land. They don’t know a Canaan like we know it, and they don’t know these spiritual things, so they just know it naturally. I want to bring this to a terminal point, to show you just how close it is. Now, all of their great leaders signed this, when God said, “Choose not the way of the heathen,” which puts them out of the favor of God. Now, this thing was signed May 19, 1993. They had it all hid away until just recently, and all of a sudden, out it comes seven months later. At the same time, on September 13th, they had the peace pact signed between the Arabs and the Jews. Now, both of these point to one thing, and that’s death for Israel. Daniel said, “Thou shalt make a covenant with death,” and here it is. They’ve made the covenant with death, all in the year of ninety-three. So then, we see that at the first of the year this comes about, but it was also in ninety-three, so when this thing is put in effect, it will be the beginning of the last week of Daniel and the covenant that he spoke of.

Now, looking at the covenant that the Jews made with the Arab people, it was to give the Jews Jerusalem, and leave it under their control for the first three and a half years, or somewhere along in there. This was the agreement, but it is specifically stipulated in there, that after three years, the thing will be open for decision between the Jews and the Arabs, as to whether the Jews shall continue to keep Jerusalem or not, and that puts it right in the middle of the week. Now, you and I know that the Arab people will never let them keep Jerusalem, for the one thing that the Arabs have desired to have is Jerusalem, and the one thing that the Papacy has desired to have is Jerusalem, because they know it’s the capital of the Holy Land and of the entire world. They also know that building on that temple mount will bring that temple back, as to the one that sits there, which will bring in the abomination of desolation, even as Daniel said, “To anoint the most Holy,” as to what Satan will try to do when he’s cast out, even as he is doing right now in the Papacy saying, “Most Holy Father,” and is supposed to be the most holy of all. In this, he will attempt to set that Vatican up there, and he will do that at the middle of the week.

So, in the middle of the week, the opening is this: they are going to try to decide whether Jerusalem should be kept by the Jews, as to the tomb of David, and as to the city of David, as to their headquarters, or whether it should be given to the Arabs. The Arabs certainly are not going to let them keep it, but they are going to contest it with all they’ve got. But the Jews are not going to yield it to the Arabs without spilling the last drops of their blood. Agreement or no agreement, the Jews vowed that when these things happened to them on Masada, being pinned up there and having to commit suicide to keep from falling into the hands of the enemy; that it would never happen to them again. So, they are ready to spill their blood and die for Jerusalem.

Now, when this turmoil comes about in the middle of the week, the thing that’s going to spring out of it is this international league of people that are going to confederate, and this is what’s going to bring in the wrath of God of those seven last vials upon the seat of the antichrist. This is what’s going to take the blood off of the seat of atonement, because at that time, God is going to receive the Jews, and when they rise up against that little nation, then the international league is going to step in. The Papacy, which wants a part in the future of Israel, is saying that he wants diplomatic relations with the Jews, and is doing nothing but setting Israel up as Naboth, as it was in the Old Testament, when Jezebel set Naboth up because Ahab wanted the vineyard. She praised him, lifted him up and made him look real good, and then said that he blasphemed. This thing is going to repeat itself, as they begin to magnify Jerusalem, lift them up and say that he’s our big brother, and our great priesthood, and then get them up there and then charge them with blaspheming against the great whorish church. Then they will confederate and close in on them, and they’re going to be smitten, all because of this religious thing that they have signed.

Right when they cry peace from this thing that they are signing, then it’s going to break the covenant right in the middle of the week, and then sudden destruction and the seven trumpets begin to sound. The stars are going to fall, the bombs are going to blow up, the shrapnel is going to be there with blood mingled with hail, and all of these things will be upon the Jews and upon all the world, because it’s going to bring the whole world into a topsy turvy sort of a thing, as it goes on through this transitional change toward the end, as to Babylon is fallen, is fallen; as to Mr. Bush, when he knocked those missiles down, showing it here at the beginning of it, that it might bring it to the end and bring up the new earth, for when Jerusalem comes upright, as to the Jew, it will show the body upright; for the church is already gone out, and that means that the world has to follow it and come upright. The seven vials will show that, as to the end of it, right over there at the last of it where it says that an earthquake hits such as was never before in all the history of the world.

We spoke of Mr. Gorbachev, this nuclear arsenal sort of a thing, the fallout, and that this would be happening there, as he pours out his plagues in the air. Then, these mountains that are out of sight in the ocean will come back up and these mountains that are already up will go back down; for the mountains that are up now were down before, and the mountains that are down were up before, and it’s got to go back to its original position. When this happens, then it comes back with that great fertility, for that fruitful land to bring in that millennium of a thousand years, to where a man will live a thousand years and have the same potentials to eat that he had during the time before the flood back there, before these things went away to this extent; whereas, it appears that all of this happened at the flood, but we can’t go into that right now.

We know then that this points to the middle of the week. What’s going to happen is that the international league is going to come in there, and take Jerusalem and declare it an international city, so that antichrist can set up his kingdom and his throne. From there, just as they think they’ve got all of this thing going together, he’s going to try to rule the world and the whole thing will still be forced back to where the thing was before, as to the old Babylonian system, and that’s why God is going to tear it down in the middle of the week. God will not bless the temple or any of these other things, as in 70 AD, when Titus came in there and destroyed the city, and he said it was the act of God when the temple was burned. We’ve said before that God burned that temple, to do away with the records, so that when they go to anoint the Most Holy, which is Jesus, politically speaking, or as to the natural side of life, then they will have to give it to Jesus, because there are no more records of anybody of kingship all the way back, as to the heir of David, as to the son of David, except this that was taken when they were forced to go up to Jerusalem, when Mary and Joseph went up to Bethlehem and the child was born and the record was there among the politicals to say, “This is the record of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.” So then, Jesus was born, and there is no other record. They burned that temple down and destroyed all the other records, and we will pull this record in the end time, and they’ll have to give Him the throne and nobody can do anything to contest it.

Now, this covenant is confirmed for one week, and I say this because there isn’t but one week left. That’s why Daniel saw it as one week, because there was only one week that was left of the four hundred and ninety years, which would be seven years. So, they confirm it for one week, and in the middle of the week, it shall be broken; therefore, the antichrist would have to be on the scene somewhere. At the first of the week it has to be confirmed, and with that, in the middle of the week, the beast comes up out of the waters, and the thing really gets under way then, because Satan is cast out and the league comes together, as that triple league of those three things that will cause that great problem that we’re speaking of; and then right there, they will break the covenant. Israel will pull away, and they will see the blood of their redemption, even Jesus, and the light of the Gentiles will go out, because when the Jews are changed, there will then be no more light in the earth, not even as to the ark of the covenant or the offering of the sacrifices and the oblation, as to the purifying of that of the red heifer, in that they were blinded to the blood of the Messiah, and cannot offer that anymore, as to sanctification, except from the first of the week until the middle of the week. So, when the blood of the Messiah comes, then all of a sudden, they can’t offer their sacrifices anymore, and that means there will be no more light, as to the reflection in the earth, and the body will not be here to reflect anymore, even as you, who are the real Jews; and all of the light has gone out, and this whole world will become darkness, because Satan is the god and prince of darkness.

When the illumination of light leaves, then the seven-fold heat of the sun scorches the people, and then it withdraws into a nova, even as scientists say that it will do. Everything will be in total darkness, and this world will be nothing but a pit. This world is in gross darkness already, and we are lights, as in the midst of this darkness; for gross darkness (intellect) covers the people, as to the tree of knowledge, even Lucifer the god of darkness or the reflector. If that light in you be darkness, how great is that darkness? This means an understanding, but only as to an illumination, and the light goes and the glow leaves. We could go on and on saying things here, but this is enough to bring it around to where you can understand it, and if there is any reference back to it, we can pull out a little part of it here and there, and say something about it.

Now, don’t forget this one thing: those things pertaining to the last week, you will not see because you will not be there during that period of time. If these things are that close, as to this covenant having been made, and is ready to be enacted, then there will come a time when it will be enacted. Now, it has yet a little while before it’s confirmed, and he that will come, will confirm it with many people, and the confirmation of that is going to lead to that Gorbachev thing. Now, you just keep your eyes on it and watch, because I said that Gorbachev will become like a great prince among Israel; that is, they would favor him; and already, they call him the star of all political stars or politicians. That’s all it would take for him and the Papacy to be involved in these kind of things, with world peace and this religious pact; all these things together. Then the whole world is in chaos.

So, just watch, and you’ll see that this thing will come around that the confirmation will be there. When it is confirmed, as to be enacted, then that will be it. She’ll set in then. The two prophets are close to coming on the scene. The great mighty Moses and the great mighty Elijah, which hath power to call fire down from heaven. These two great and mighty prophets will minister three and a half years in sackcloth, to get Israel ready and turn the hearts of the children of Israel back to the fathers (priesthood), and the hearts of the fathers back to the children, because right now they are scattered. The children aren’t interested in religion, and the priests are only interested in drinking and partying. God will do this, to fulfill the prophecy of Malachi, where he said, “ Behold, I send you Elijah, the prophet, before the great and mighty day of the Lord comes, and that day that shall burn as an oven!” The wrath of God coming. Now, I know that was John the Baptist with the spirit of Elijah, but Elijah, himself, must return and come back in the end time. Moses must also come back with Elijah in the end time, coming as the two candlesticks, to prophesy three and a half years. These great and mighty prophets that have lived in glory, will actually come back and be here on the earth until the middle of the week, and then they will be killed, and their bodies will lay in the streets for several days. The people will rejoice, and they will send all kinds of goodies to one another, as they rejoice over these prophets being killed, because they tormented those that lived on the earth, because the Bible teaches that along about that time comes this angel with the everlasting gospel to be preached to them that dwell on the earth. Then, after three days, they will rise up and be caught up, and no doubt the televisions will ring it around the world.

We see that these things are going to be tutored and taught, even by the prophets, and through that thing, it will let them know, as to the antichrist, that everything is ended and everything is over. So then, all of a sudden, those two prophets will ascend up, just like it was on the Mount of Transfiguration, to show that it’s one in the same. The two disappeared, and Jesus was there, and so it is in the middle of the week, when the two prophets will leave and there will be the nail prints of Jesus. As they go up into heaven, their enemies shall see them ascend. Then, right after this, the antichrist sets up his kingdom and there is no more gospel and no more light. The Jews will no longer be a scapegoat, and the middle wall of partition will be broken down.

This is how close it is now, and if that’s going to happen, then you and I will have to go out when it is confirmed at the first of the week, and we will not see these things that we’re speaking of, so just remember that. This means that if all those other things are that close, then this is how close it is to you, as to the sounding of that trumpet, where He descends from heaven and this great mystery of God is being finished, and the Church Ages are now over, as I said concerning America and these kind of things. Jesus sat on the mountain and said, “When you see these things happen, then that will be the end. I’ve made diligent comparison with what He said here, with the opening of the sixth seal, and it is exactly to the tee, of what Jesus said.

These things that we’ve just told you are the Word of God, with what we’ve been able to understand, and this is the way of God, that you should believe in the Word of God. If these things, as to what we’ve understood and said, don’t fit together and make sense, then don’t take it. But if it does, and something bears witness in your spirit that this is the truth, then receive it because that is God speaking to you; and if it be so, then examine yourselves and see if ye be in the faith. See if this is your conviction, and see if this is the very thing that you are founding your faith upon, as your hope of eternal life and of you making it into glory. The Bible said that if you do these things, then you’ll never fall.

If you really believe these things, then talk about them, examine them, enlarge upon them and hear the midnight call, for behold, the Bridegroom cometh! Trim your wicks and light your lamps, because the midnight is coming. Someone would then say, “Brother Pike, what is the midnight?” The midnight is when the light goes out for sure, as to the day that you’re in, which is the days of the Gentiles. When it goes out, it will then bring forth the darkness, which has to do with the Jews. When there is no more light, they will come. It will be at that time, the end of the church. The church will suddenly go in, for the cry was to light the lamps, and they went in, but the foolish virgins, relating back to the Jews, did not have the oil. They began to knock and they began to cry, but it was too late; the door was closed and the children had already gone in. The church is already sealed in. The ark is already sealed in. The tribulation, the wrath of God, the great day of His wrath has come. The waters of His wrath are about ready to be poured out. The midnight is now upon us, and that as to the Jewish perspective is coming in. They are God’s clock in the night, and you don’t know when He should come, whether at the midnight or at the cock crowing; so, I say unto you, as to our time, it can be midnight here, but it could be the cock crowing on the other side of the world, but as to this midnight that He spoke of, you can be sure it will be in just one place of midnight, and that will be right there when the dead in Christ shall rise, and that darkness of the antichrist regime shall come in, as the Dark Ages is shown in the type.

So, with this, light your candle and go trim your wick. Make sure that your wick is trimmed up. Don’t just leave it, but trim it up! It has to do with your faith. Make sure that your faith is sharp and alert. Light up now, because everyone that’s got this oil, which is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ on the inside, they will light up now. If you have not His Spirit, then you’re just a charismatic and a reflector out there in religion, just like they are all around the world. It’s like vomit on His table; lukewarm, and He’ll spew you out of His mouth, because you won’t light up with this.

Remember this! It doesn’t matter how religious you are, or how many things you do. It has nothing to do with it whatsoever. How many times you come to church, how much you give, who you are, whether you’re young or old, handsome or pretty, or all of these kind of things; they have nothing to do with it. Diplomacy, education or prestige have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Only one thing has to do with it, and that is a pure heart.

Someone would say, “Why can’t I see revelation? Why don’t I see this? I don’t see anything!” It is because they don’t have a pure heart. The Bible said that the pure in heart shall see God, and He is the great light. He is understanding and the revelation, the Light unto which no man can approach, whom no man has seen nor can see. Jesus Christ alone, as to the Word, dwelling in the midst of that light, hath declared God in your heart; a declaration as to that light of revelation, that through eyes of understanding you might see God. When you do, it will be because you’ve got a pure heart. The Bible says that the eyes of the Lord are throughout the earth, going to and fro, looking for the upright in heart, to show Himself strong in their behalf. As you think in your heart, so you are; not as to your head, as to the five senses, as to all of those things you see, hear and feel. So, purify your heart, ye double minded. Purify it! That is, don’t be for God today, and for the world tomorrow. Don’t be looking religious one minute, and lusting with the eyes the next minute. Don’t be covetous. Know ye not that, as to your first birth, the spirit within you lusteth unto envy?

So then, you’re born again with Christ’s Spirit. You’re a new creature; a new body! The motions of sin can’t work there anymore. Put it down now, and mortify the deeds of the body. Deny the outer man and let him decrease, that the inner man, even the second man, the Lord from glory, might increase. In doing this, trim your wicks. You can fast, pray and do all kinds of religious things, but if you don’t have a pure heart, then it doesn’t matter. You can cross it out, because all of your efforts are in vain, but if you do have a pure heart, making your effort to do the very best you can, and if you stumble and stagger, then don’t condemn yourself over that which you allow. Put a check by it, because God has received you, and He didn’t charge it against you because there was no will behind it. Happy is he that doth not condemn himself over that which he allows. Keep your faith up, because Satan would just love to tear it down. It’s your shield of sanctification to stop all the fiery darts of the wicked. So, God purifies your heart with faith. Do the things that please Him, and then will you have the confidence that He hears you; therefore, you have all things physically, naturally and spiritually. All things are yours, because He has already, through foreknowledge, given to you all things that pertain unto life through Christ.

Examine yourselves and see if your heart is pure. Believe in His righteousness, for it shall come to pass that whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved; for with your heart, you believe unto righteousness, even believing in Him in what He did for you, and you are complete in Him: perfected, sanctified, justified, glorified and elect. Jacob have I loved! It is by foreknowledge! No one can lay anything to your charge, for you are God’s elect by foreknowledge. With the heart, you believe unto righteousness, even unto Calvary; and with the lips, confession is made from your heart unto salvation, as an act of faith. He is the high priest of your confession and it’s already done. You confess it, and it belongs to you, and into your heart it comes, because His faith has sanctified you. Turn My people unto the faith that is by Me, by which they are sanctified. It’s your believing in that faith that sanctified you. When His Spirit comes in, you’ve got the oil. You might just be a little baby, but you still have life and you still belong to the family. You might not understand all the great mysteries, but you still have the oil. So, whether your thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or a hundred-fold, you belong to the family, and when the change and the midnight cry comes, you’ll go with the family.

Do all you can for the Lord, for He said, “Blessed is that servant I so find doing, feeding My flock. When I come, I’ll make him ruler over all that I’ve got, but if that wicked servant begins to say in his heart,” My Lord delayeth His coming,” being slothful and turning away, and then smites his fellow man, to gossip, backbite and find fault, then he will not stand in the holy hill of God, and I will come in the day that he thinks not, and appoint him his part with the hypocrite, where there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Remember, you are God’s precious children, the apple of His eye, and perfected forever. Don’t let your faith waver, but hold it steadfast. No matter what the devil does, don’t cast away your faith, for it hath great recompense of reward.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord