Faith Unto Salvation


Truth is unfolded in these inspired writings, as God’s marvelous plan of salvation is made crystal clear, for Brother George L. Pike, internationally known author, teacher, and prophet, speaks out concerning the basic fundamental issues of all Christianity.

For the honest and sincere seeker of the straight and narrow way of God, herein dwells unparalleled, indisputable truths, carefully prescribed by the great physician, even our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, hidden from the wise and the prudent of this world, but, thank God, revealed to babes and sucklings, such as will learn.

This message of godly edification is only one among many exhortations and revelational truths that have been transcribed from Brother Pike’s actual preaching services, where for over thirty years, he has strengthened and fortified countless millions with faith that withstands the fiery darts and satanic winds of false doctrines which have saturated the church world in confusion, as they lurk in the dark shadows of ignorance, hiding beneath a cunning religious veil of deception that would, if possible, deceive the very elect of God.

In the many years that we have been privileged to sojourn with Brother Pike and his lovely family, I and my wife have witnessed, with jubilance, this great warrior in God’s army, as he and his courageous family faced extreme hardships and trials, only to surmount every threatening obstacle, proving God time and time again as he used his faith every step of the way, always lifting up high the sacred blood stained banner of holiness, waving it as a memorial to God, without compromise, rendering this wicked and adulterous generation without excuse.

Today, his flaming testimony is viewed across the world through satellite television, it is heard on numbers of radio stations, multiplied millions of pieces of literature in books, tracts, and song sheets that have been distributed all over the world, many of which have been translated into all the major languages of the world.

Friend, read this book with a pure heart and with a true spiritual hunger for the truth, and we will positively assure you that you will discover, within these pages, genuine Faith Unto Salvation.

Faith Unto Salvation

A lot of people wonder why I take the attitude that I do toward some of the things when it comes to friends and relatives and ambitions in this life. Sometimes they feel like I’m too strict in my outlook, in that I feel that mother, daddy, brother, sister, wife, children, everybody should be forsaken for the gospel. Not that a man should not carry on his duties and provide for those that are his, but rather that God should have first place in his life. One of the things that’s emphasized in the Holy Scriptures is the necessity of preaching the gospel. Jesus tells a man here that you do not have the right to even take off from the ministry to attend your own father’s funeral. He tells another man here that you do not have the right to take time, after having been called into the service of God, to turn around and bid your family good-bye. Now, the Lord is emphasizing how necessary it is for us to be totally committed unto God, totally committed unto the things of God in such a way that we will not put our hands to the plow and then look back. This is a necessary thing if we are going to be a minister, or if we are going to be a witness for Christ.

In the day that we are living in, people are too lighthearted when it comes to the things of God. We first look toward our own house. We first consider our own way of life. We first consider those that belong to us, and then we consider God and God’s way of life and the things that we want to do for God, but I tell you again that God will not have anything that is second handed. The Bible says that we are to give unto God the first fruits of our lives. I must first acknowledge God. I must first do what God tells me to do. I must first make my plans with God, and if there is anything that will work in harmony with God’s way for my life, then I can take those things into my life. After I have made plans according to the Word of God, and after I have set up my life and my schedule according to the Word of God, if there is any thing that I have desired in the past, any thing that I have wanted in my life time that is contrary to my new found life, my new way of life, and my new program for life, I must leave it all off. I cannot twist the Scriptures. I cannot wrest the Scriptures or turn the Scriptures around or try to alter the Scriptures to make them do what I want to do, or say what I want to say. I can’t do that because if I do, then I am in trouble with God, and I am in bad trouble with God, because God will cut me off from the land of the living. Not one word, one jot, or one tittle of God’s Word can be changed. It’s forever settled in heaven, and we can’t change any of it.

I believe that if we are a Christian, we are a Christian. We cannot say that we are a Christian and be out in the world and still say that we are serving God. There is absolutely no in-between. I know that we’ve got a world full of people today that profess Christianity. They are all religious, and are all wanting to meet God, but I want you to know that there is going to be a great disappointment because they are not ready to meet God, and they are not going to meet God in peace. We have got to meet God in peace and the only way to meet God in peace is to go God’s way. If I go God’s way, I can meet God in peace, but if I do not go God’s way I cannot meet God in peace.

The world is religious, but not filled with the Spirit of God. The church world today is not right with God. I know there are Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, nondenominationals, there is the Charismatic order, there are all kinds of people; Church of God, Assemblies of God, United Pentecostal, and every one of them think they are right with God, but according to the Scriptures, somebody is failing God somewhere. If those people are right with God, why is it that the Bible tells us, that in the last days, it will be a lukewarm Laodicean church age, who say that they are rich and have need for nothing, knowing not that they are naked, wretched, and blind? Why is it that God charges the last church age with such a thing if they are ready to meet God? Why is it that God frowns on the last church age more than any other church age in the history of the church ages? Why is it that God does that?

If we are the great religious order of today, the great cream of the crop; if we, in this last age, are those people that have decided to serve God, (and we have got a great religious world, and now everybody’s beginning to realize their mistake, and they are beginning to repent and come to God; the doctors, the lawyers, the Indian chief, as we say, all the professional men, all of the athletes, all of the movie stars, everybody), why is it that God says what He does about it? Brothers and sisters, there is something wrong somewhere. This is one of the greatest hypocritical ages that has ever been in the history of the world. There are more people that are making a mock of Christianity in the day we are living in than any age that we have ever seen in the history of mankind. As a matter of fact, according to the Bible, the very thing that is going to bring the end of the world is a religious age.

Did you know, as far as I can tell, the end of the world cannot come until that religious age comes about? It is that religious age that God will spew out of His mouth. He said, I would that you were hot. I would that you were cold. I would that you didn’t know God, or didn’t care anything about God. I would that you would be worldly, get out in the world and have a good time. Do whatever you want to, just don’t darken the doors of the church. I would that you be cold, He said, because if you are cold, if you don’t know God, or don’t care for God, I can send preachers to preach the gospel. I can send preachers to tell you about Jesus. I can hold revivals in the land, and let you hear the wonderful Word of God. He said, “I would that you were hot, burning in the fervency of Christ, filled with the great Spirit of God, on fire, filling up the churches. I would that you were hot that I might pour out heaven upon you, that I might pour you out a blessing that you’d not be able to receive, but He said, Because you are neither cold nor hot, because you are lukewarm, because you are a religious age, I will spew thee out of My mouth.”

He said, “All the tables of God are filled with vomit. I count you as vomit on My table, because you will not go in, you stand at the door, you won’t go in, and you hinder the others that are coming.” You are not hot in the Spirit, you are not living according to the Bible, you don’t bear the fruits of the Spirit, you are not filled with the Holy Ghost, you don’t have the drive of God, you’re not trying to do the things that God wants you to do. He said, “Because of this I will spew you out of My mouth.” A lukewarm church age, I will spew thee out of My mouth, because thou art vomit on My table. Anything that God spews out of His mouth is considered vomit. All of His tables are filled with vomit.

He didn’t say one church is filled with vomit. Now, it doesn’t mean that the world is God’s table, because the Bible tells us that we cannot eat at the table of God and the table of devils. The world is the table of devils, but God said, “All of My tables are filled with vomit.” What are God’s tables? The Baptist, the Methodist, the Presbyterian, the Church of God, all of these churches, they’re God’s table. God prepared that table. He put a table out there, but they have filled the table with vomit. That’s why Jesus went into the church, turned over the table of the money changers, popped the whip, and drove them out that sold doves because they had filled the tables of God with vomit.

“I will spew thee out of My mouth, because thou art a lukewarm people. I would that you were not lukewarm, for you say that you’re rich.” Has there ever been an age like this denominational age? Every denomination is wealthy. Much riches. Money. They’ve got evangelistic programs, they’ve got missionary programs. They’ve got ships and airplanes, bank accounts, and they’ve got cathedrals around the world. They are rich. “You say that you are rich, but I’ve got a different kind of riches in My thinking,” God said. “I counsel of you to buy of Me raiment that’s tried in the fire.”

I’m thinking of some riches that come down from glory. The kind of riches that God gives. I’m thinking of the kind of riches that God wants us to have. God said, “I counsel of you to buy of Me raiment tried in the fire.” What kind of raiment? I say this so many times: The body of the Lord Jesus Christ that went down into the flames of hell, that burned in the flames of hell. He said to put ye on the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, for ye are the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, make no provisions for the flesh to fulfill the lust thereof. Put on that garment that has been tried in the fire. “I counsel of you,” He said, “to buy of Me this kind of raiment.” You get Me to give you the body of the Lord Jesus Christ to wear. You buy of Me the wedding garment. You get Me to give it to you. I counsel of you to buy of Me this raiment that has been tried in the fire. See if you can purchase it anywhere. See if you can find it anywhere.

Every person that came in without the wedding garment, every person that is not the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible says, was bound hand and feet, and was cast into the outer darkness. The Bible tells us that we are the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, members in particular. We are bone of His bone and we are flesh of His flesh, and He tells us that if we are not the bone of His bone and we are not the flesh of His flesh, and if we come into the presence of spiritual things, then we will be bound by demon spirits. We will be bound hand and feet, until we are cast into outer human reasoning, the outer darkness of satanic thinking, into a bottomless pit that hath no foundation, the program of Satan, ever learning and never able to come to the truth.

You know, the world is ever learning, but can never come to the knowledge of the truth. The Bible says that the things of God hath an end, but did you know that the pit of darkness is like an infinity? You get into the things of science, you get into the things of the world, you get into the learning of mankind and it doesn’t have any bottom. It’s just on and on and on, and down, down, down you go, and there is no foundation for anything they’ve got. All of it is theology and ideology. What makes it so bad is the church world has left the Word of God, which is the foundation, and they have sunk down into the miry pits of human reasoning, leaning to their own understanding when God forbade it. They have gotten into the same condition, leaving the foundation of God.

Other foundations can no man lay except this foundation that God has laid. And what kind of foundation did He lay? Peter, James, John, and the teachings of the apostolic church. How do we know that this is the foundation of the church? Because the church was set up on the apostolic teachings, over in the book of Acts, when Peter said, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, that ye might receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the promise is unto you and your children, to as many as be afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” That was the foundation of the church because the writer said that we seek a city whose builder and maker is God, a city that hath foundations. John said that when he saw that city coming down out of heaven, that it had the twelve foundations of Peter, James, and John. That great city upon which we are built as lively stones, Jesus Christ being the great chief corner stone and the revelational preacher Paul being the wise master builder by the understanding of the mystery of Christ, having been sent to the Gentiles as the apostle to the Gentile church.

I say that we, as a people, need to realize that God isn’t going to change His program. Folks, why is it that we feel that God will change His program for us? Why is it that we take the outlook that we, as a generation, will have God change His program when He wouldn’t change it for Noah? He wouldn’t change it for Abraham. He would not change it in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. He has never changed it for the many that were killed in the wilderness, when He took the people into Canaan land. All down through the years, He has never changed His program. Why then do we feel that God is going to change His program for us today? Why is it that this generation feels that God is going to alter His program for us?

If God changes His program, there is one thing that we know for sure: That Christ is not the same, yesterday, today and forever, for the Bible says that He is the same to every generation. If God changes His program today, then God isn’t the same God that He has always been. God cannot change. He is the same God. He cannot change His program. It must remain the same. But we say we know that these are the days of grace, and that’s what makes the difference. I tell you again in the name of the Lord, the days of grace have nothing to do with it. You can’t take the days of grace and prove anything about God changing. As a matter of fact, when Jesus came, instead of changing the law, He said, “I came not to change the law, not to break the law, but to fulfill the law. I magnify the law.”

You talk about those that were under the law and what they couldn’t do. Jesus said, “I’m telling you about some things that you can’t even think. If you even think things you are going to be in trouble. I magnify the law. Now, Abraham was justified by faith, being the father of the faithful, but from Moses on, Jesus said, I magnify the law. You say it’s wrong to commit adultery; I say it’s wrong if you just look at a woman and lust after her.” I say that you’ve got to cast down every thought. Every thought! Get every thought out of your mind that’s unlike God. Bring into subjection every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ. I magnify the law.

You say that Jesus came to do away with the law, but Jesus never came to do away with the law. Jesus came to live in my heart that I might, through His grace and through His mercy and through His strength, overcome the weakness of my flesh and fulfill every jot and every tittle of the law. That’s why Paul said that we therefore conclude that a man is justified by grace without the law, because Jesus folded up the law, laid it away, in that He fulfilled it in my behalf at Calvary. If you fail to make an effort to do the very best that you can toward righteousness, Jesus’ blood does not apply to you, for there is no atonement for willful sin. There is no atonement when you know to do right, beloved friend. When you know to do right and you don’t do right, there is not one drop of blood shed for you.

Some would say, “But God loves the wicked.” God does not love the wicked. God said,” I’m angry with the wicked every day. I will pursue the wicked until they perish from off the face of the earth. Beware ye that forget God, lest I tear you into pieces.” I know the Bible tells us that it is not God’s will that any should perish. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked but rather that the wicked would repent of their sins. I realize that, but I also know that you cannot love somebody and pursue them with a hatchet trying to beat their brains out. How can you do that? Wouldn’t that be something, if I looked over at a brother and said, “If I can just get close enough, I’m going to beat your brains out with this hammer. I love you. I’m pursuing you until I can beat your brains out with this hammer.” Don’t you know that would sound crazy?

God’s kingdom isn’t divided. He’s angry with the wicked every day. He will pursue the wicked until they perish from off the face of the earth. That’s God’s opinion and God’s feeling of the wicked. His precious blood was not given for the wicked. God gave His blood for those that will call upon the name of Jesus, that are struggling and are trying. Those that stumble, and those that falter and those that say, “My God, I didn’t mean to do it. Help me, God. I didn’t mean to do it,” and then Jesus, with His blood dripping hands, reach out to say, “Fear not, I am with thee.” Hallelujah! “I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee. Lo, I am with thee always, even until the end of the world. Fear not, for nothing can pluck thee out of My hands.”

Paul said, “I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor things present, nor things to come can take me from the love of God.” Death and poverty and powers cannot rob me of the love of God. Nothing can pull me away from His great love. His love is so greatly manifested in the Son of God. He had such great love, that He personified Himself in a human body, came down and put His hands to the cross and let them fasten His hands to the cross and let them put the thorns in His brow. Such love! What can pull you away from such love? There is nothing that is strong enough to separate you from a love like that.

He so loved us, while we were yet in our sins, that He died for us, not that we might continue in sin, or because He loved us so much He was going to save us in spite of our sins, as some fellow said to me one time. He said, “God has revealed to me that He is going to save us in spite of our sins.” That’s a lie! God has never tried to save anybody in spite of their sins. Brother, if you are sinning, the Bible says that you are of the devil. Some say they don’t believe it like that, but it doesn’t matter what you believe. It’s what God says about it!

I say this so often. People say they don’t believe that, or their church doesn’t teach that. But it doesn’t matter what your church teaches. It doesn’t matter what Brother Pike teaches. It doesn’t matter what the preacher preaches. It’s what God’s Word says about it. That’s what God said about it. Let every man be a liar and let God’s Word be true. I don’t care if he’s a radio preacher, or a tent preacher. I don’t care if he’s a television preacher. I don’t care what kind of a preacher he is. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, nondenominational, Catholic priest, whatever he is, God’s Word has preeminence, my brother and sister. When God’s Word says something, that’s the way it is. I am saved by faith. Not faith in what I think, nor faith in what some preacher said, but I am saved by faith in what the Word of God says, for faith cometh by the Word of God.

I say this again, over and over! In the last days some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. My brother and sister, did you know that there are doctrines of devils? There are preachers of the devil. There are people in the world that have their conscience seared with a hot iron. They have been so religious and have done such foolish things, until they don’t have any godly feeling any more for you, for God, for the kingdom of God, for salvation, or for anything else. They can do anything and still say that they love the Lord. Did you know that? There are people in the world that can do anything and still say they love the Lord. They can be vomit on the table of God and still say they love the Lord. I’ve got some people at Little Bethlehem, sad to say, that can do any ungodly, filthy, low down thing, and still say they are Christians, but they are not Christians. They are liars. There is a difference between a Christian and a liar. A liar is one that says he is a Christian when he is not a Christian. A Christian is one that bears the fruits of the Spirit. That’s what a Christian is.

So then, we have our fruits unto holiness. We don’t have our fruits unto Baptist. We don’t have our fruits unto Methodist. We don’t have our fruits unto Catholicism, or unto the Charismatic order. We have our fruits unto holiness. That’s what the Bible says. Having your fruits unto holiness, and the end thereof eternal life. When Aaron went into the presence of God, he did not have Baptist written on his head piece. He did not have Methodist written on his head piece. He did not have Charismatic written on his head piece. He did not have nondenominational written on his head piece, but he had “Holiness Unto The Lord”. God is the Spirit of holiness. If God is the Spirit of eternal life, and God is the Spirit of holiness, why is it we try everything but holiness?

The Pope of Rome will sit and accept those things that people say to him, as unto his holiness, whereas, you know that that is blasphemy. You know that the Pope of Rome is not his holiness. God is His Holiness! But to think that people will deny holiness and then the Pope, a man, the chief corner stone of the earth, as far as natural religion is concerned, will sit up and claim it. When the Baptist is ashamed of it, and the Methodist is ashamed of it, and the Presbyterians are ashamed of it, and a lot of Pentecostals are ashamed of it, the Pope will sit up there and grab it. He’s got enough reasoning to know that that is the only Spirit of God there is, the only Spirit of eternal life that there is.

Folks, we strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Jesus said, “You blind leaders of the blind; if you lead the blind, all of you fall into the ditch.” And who is the ditch? The Bible says that the great whore is the ditch, and they that are abhorred of the Lord shall fall into the great ditch. Isn’t that right? And who is the great whore? The one that rejects the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Isn’t the church world playing the whore today? Isn’t she doing that? She’ll talk about God; she’ll talk about His Son; she’ll talk about the Holy Ghost, but she doesn’t want to talk about the name Jesus. That’s the great whore. She’ll talk about anything but the name of Jesus, and do you know why? Because the name of Jesus casts out devils, that’s why. The church can’t talk about the name Jesus and praise the name Jesus and devils and demons stay in the church, because when you start talking about the name Jesus, and lifting up the name Jesus, and baptizing people in the name Jesus, casting out devils in the name Jesus, you’re going to have a clean church. As long as you don’t emphasize the name Jesus, what difference does it make? The devil doesn’t care how churchy you are. Cain was churchy, too. The devil is just as churchy as you are, and far more churchy than some of you.

John said that the ax is laid unto the root of the tree and I love to chop it down. Glory to God! I love to chop it down. Some would ask me, “Brother Pike, how will we ever come together with your outlook?” Folks, I don’t plan to come together with my outlook. The Bible says to come out from among them, not together with them. God didn’t call us to come together. That’s an error of the church world today. Hallelujah! We say that we’re all coming together, that it’s that great moment of God’s coming, but that’s where you’re wrong. It’s the great moment of the antichrist’s coming and all the churches coming together so the devil can grab them up in one big sweep. That’s where the problem is. When the Bible speaks of the church, it says He will be like a thief in the night, when the Lord slips in at an hour that you think not.

The Bible says that few there be that find it. It says to strive to enter in at the strait gate. Fear not little flock, many shall try to get in and not be able. That’s the difference in the real church of the living God. That’s the difference in being caught away. That’s the difference in a bride. It’s been said like this: if you went to look for a bride, you men, and there’s a lot of women in the world today, but when you got your bride, how many of the world would be left? The bride’s going to be the minority. You might ask, “But what about all these millions, Brother Pike?” The Bible says that broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many shall enter thereat. That’s the answer to it.

As it was in the days of Noah, hundreds of thousands of people, down the drain, and the little family of Noah was saved. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, just two or three people saved, down the drain went the others. As it was when they came out of Egypt, through the wilderness and on into Canaan land, only two of all the people that came out of Egypt made it into Canaan land, and down the drain the others went as the earth opened up and swallowed them up. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I shall in no wise acquit the wicked.

Folks, you can do what you want to, but you’ll go to hell. You can do what God wants you to and you’ll go to heaven. Amen! God does not love you when you do not do God’s will. God is trying His best to reach you. God shed His blood for all that will hear the voice of God. Those that are out there in their ignorance, that do not understand, that don’t know, all of those people that are in ignorance, the blood of Jesus Christ is still standing to see if those ignorant people will turn and come out of their ignorance, but when they turn and they come out of their ignorance and they don’t come to God, the blood does not apply to them.

So then, Jesus shed His blood for the righteous. And who are the righteous? Those that God has purified their hearts by faith, for God purifies our hearts by faith. Faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, for the Bible says they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus), and the word of their testimony; or that is, they testified to the effects of the shed blood unto Christianity, and they overcame him. How then shall it come to be that we can be a Christian? The Bible says that it shall come to pass that whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. So then, some would say that all you’ve got to do is say, “Jesus, save me” and you will be a Christian. It doesn’t mean that at all. The man said, “Paul, be baptized, wash away your sins, calling on the name of Jesus,” for it’s he that is born of the water and of the Spirit.

Now, I know that some smart, intelligent person would say, “But what you don’t understand, Brother Pike, is when it says you must be born of the water, and born of the Spirit, it means you must be born first of the natural birth, which is the water birth.” Why would Jesus bother to tell somebody they have got to be born of the natural birth? Anybody with any sense at all knows you can’t get into the world unless you are born of that birth. Jesus is not so ignorant that He would stand and tell somebody that you’ve got to come into the world first before you can be a Christian. Anybody knows you’ve got to be born into the world. If that’s what God was talking about, being born of the water and of the Spirit, then what does He mean a little further over when He said that he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved? Some would say that what that means is, you must be baptized with the Holy Ghost. If that be the case, what does He mean over there when they speak of it concerning Noah? Let us remember that after the Gentiles in Cornelius’s house had received the Holy Ghost, they were still baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin. Remember Peter? What was he saying? The like figure where unto baptism doth also now save us. Not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but he said water, as it was with Noah; that is to say, the answer of a good conscience toward God by the act of obedience to the Word. They that are baptized into Christ have put on Christ, for you are baptized into His death; the old man buried, and there is no remission without the shedding of blood. And whose blood is it? It is Jesus’ blood.

Should I then be baptized in Jesus’ name? I most certainly should. Some would say that, what you should do is be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I believe that. What is the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? Surely the Son has a name. If you say you baptize a man in the name “Son”, that’s not a name. You know better than that. There are dozens of sons here. I’m a son. That’s no name. If you baptize somebody in the title “Father”, that’s no name. There are numbers of fathers here. There’s no remission of sin in the word “Father”. There’s no remission of sin in the word “Son”. If there is remission of sin in the word “Son”, and if there is remission of sin in the word “Father”, then Jesus Christ died in vain, because all we needed was a name for remission of sin. But the Bible says that remission of sin will be taught in His name, beginning at Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts of the earth. Isn’t that right? If remission of sin is in the name “Father”, and in the name “Son”, then why did Jesus die? Then, when you say Holy Ghost, what are you going to do with the people that won’t say Holy Ghost, but say Holy Spirit? Which one is right? Is remission of sin in the name “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit”? It’s in neither one. The Bible doesn’t say remission of sin is in the name “Holy Ghost” nor “Holy Spirit”. Remission of sin is in the Holy Ghost and in the Holy Spirit, but not in the word “Holy Ghost”, or the word “Holy Spirit”.

The Bible says that remission of sin shall be taught in the name of Jesus. The Bible says that they were baptized for the remission of sin. It was the blood of Jesus that was shed. That’s why it must be His name. What is baptism? You are buried into a death. What does death indicate? That there was somebody killed. Somebody died. Some blood was spilled. Even if the embalmer had to take it out, it was a death, a burial. You put on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is His name. I’ve said this a lot of times. God said to the preacher, “You go baptize.” Jesus said, “As My Father has sent Me, so send I you, preacher. My Father sent Me to do a work, so send I you.” Whosoever sins you remit shall be remitted, and He said remission of sin is in the name, and baptism is for the remission of sin. Put them together, and the preacher remits sins, uses the name to remit it, and baptism is the means by which he does it. I, therefore, baptize you for the remission of sin, in the name of Jesus, because I have the authority to do this, in that if I bind something on earth, He binds it in heaven. If I loose it on earth, it’s loose in heaven.

You take people that get married, they go get a justice of the peace. Don’t you know you are not legally married when you do that? Somebody out in Arizona, not too long ago, heard one of my messages by radio, and they said, “Brother Pike, we want to know more about this.” I was preaching, and I said that if you were married by a justice of the peace, you are not legally married in the sight of God, because a justice of the peace has no power to bind anything on earth. God didn’t say that if a justice of the peace binds something on earth that God would bind it in heaven. Whatsoever God puts together or whatsoever God binds on earth, let not man put asunder. If God joins it together, which is the Word, it is the minister. Oh, I know the justice of the peace has gotten into it, because there is a dollar in it for him. You know the world gets into it if it means there is a dollar for them, and so here they go, but the world is so mixed up.

One of these days, God is going to set the great court, the great supreme court of heaven. Brother Pike is going to be there, and the justice of the peace is going to be there, and the judges of all the earth are going to be there. All of them will be there. Washington is not the supreme court, but the supreme court is going to be there. When the supreme court is set, all of these justices of the peace, all of these judges, and all of the people of the earth are going to be there. Preachers, and judges, and all kind of folks will be there in the great supreme court of heaven. Why? Because they are going to be judged.

The great government of this earth is taking money from the church; that is, the true church. They are going to be judged, because Jesus asked Peter if they are taking this from strangers. Are they making strangers pay tribute? Pay it, Peter! We’re traveling through the land of Esau. Give Caesar whatever belongs to him. We’ll all, one of these days, pull them into the great, grand court of heaven. I’ll say they charged strangers tribute in their land contrary to the law. Someday they’ll be in trouble. Paul said, “Thou whited wall, you judge me after the law and smite me contrary to the law.”

I’m talking about being baptized in Jesus’ name, preaching the kingdom of God. In the early church they preached two things: The kingdom of God is at hand, and the name of Jesus Christ, for remission of sin is in the name Jesus, and to enter into the kingdom of God is to go through the name of Jesus. If you’ve never been baptized in the name of Jesus, you need to be. John said that a door was open in heaven, and Jesus said, “I’m that door. No man can come unto the Father, but by Me. Remission of sin is in My name.” The veil was rent as I hung there. You’ve got to pass through Me, between heaven and earth to get up there.

So then, we see a great thing taking place. The world is spiritually ignorant. The blind lead the blind, they all fall into the ditch. Who is the ditch? The great whore. Who is the great whore? The church world that denies the name of Jesus Christ, producing bastard children, and God will hate their image in the morning. Who is the bastard child? They that are out of wedlock, and who are they? They that do not carry the name of Jesus Christ, that reject the name of Jesus Christ. What image will He hate in the morning? The image of the beast, for if you are not the bone of bone, and the flesh of flesh of the Son of God, then you must be the beast, and if you are the beast, you have to be under the image. You have to be under the number. You have to be under the system. Isn’t that right?

So then, where are we living? Are we preaching the kingdom of God? Are we living the kingdom of God? Are we testifying the kingdom of God? Are we praying, “Father Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? Are we upholding the kingdom of God? Is God making us a pillar in His temple today? Where are you living, folks? This is the wonderful thing about God. When the Holy Ghost comes back, He will come in My name — Jesus, and He will testify of Me, the Word — Jesus. Isn’t that right? And God gives the Holy Ghost to them that obey Him — Jesus, the Word. Praise God!

We know then, that he that hath the Spirit of the Word, obeyeth the Word, and honoreth the Word; he doth not have the spirit of error, but the Spirit of the Son of God. But he that doth not obey the Word and honor the Word indeed, he hath the spirit of error. He is not a child of God, and the Bible says that God hath not given us the spirit of error. So then, beloved, the Bible says to err not from the Word and from the truth. If you have not a love for the truth, God will turn you over to your own thinking, and the Bible says to lean not to your own understanding, but He will turn you over to your own understanding, your own thinking, and cause you to believe a lie. Not just let you believe a lie, but the Bible says that God will cause you to believe a lie by sending you strong delusions, because you will be abhorred of the Lord, and the Bible says that the great ditch is the whore, and they that are abhorred of the Lord shall fall therein. What is the whore? The flesh. The human mind. Where did it start? With Eve, the flesh. That’s what it’s always been. That’s what it still is. Come out of her, My people, be ye separate. Come away from the human reasoning, from the tree of education and knowledge. Come into the faith of Christ, for the just shall live by faith.

Let the world rave on, for all wandered after the beast. That is why that science traces the origin of man back to the beast. The Bible says that all of the world wandered after the beast. We say then, “Who is the beast, heavenly Father?” And the Lord answers back, “The beast is the flesh.” All of them wandered after the flesh. Powder, paint, frolic, makeup, eating and drinking, sports, going down to the bathing parties, having a good time at the frolics, and the drinking parties, and the card games. All of them wandered after the beast, and who is the beast? The flesh. I will despise the flesh in the morning. All the world wandered after the flesh. And what is the number of the flesh? The computerized system of six, six, six, on it’s way now. The devil is working hard to get everything under control. He’s just about got it, too. A little more and he’ll have it all. Everything that the flesh does, which is the beast, will be under the control of the computer, and the major number is six, six, six.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord