Little Glass Slipper


In a humble little community called “Cabbage Town” in Atlanta, Georgia, a remarkable thing took place one evening outside of a little mission where Brother George L. Pike was to minister.

Unnoticed by everyone, an unsaved person, whom Brother Pike did not know, presented him with a peculiar little object. What do you suppose this little give was? It was a little glass slipper!

Brother Pike slipped it into his pocket and went on inside the little mission to minister. At the close of the service, he gathered his family together to go home. On the way home, he told Sister Betty, his wife, that he wanted to give her something. He handed her the little glass slipper and asked her if she the thought it would fit her foot. She answered him by saying, “It may not fit my natural foot, but I am so little, it will fit my soul.”

It was from this extraordinary experience that the Lord inspired Brother Pike to bring us this heart-stirring message, to enlighten God’s faithful laborers in Christ concerning his certain, abundant blessings and rewards that are waiting for them, both in this world and in glory.

Being unable at this time to list all of our officials and co-workers, we are, nevertheless, eternally grateful for their labor and concern towards the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. As it was with God’s men and women in the days of old, so it is with us today. We must have people who will hold up our hands, as we all labor for Christ. We very sincerely welcome all who desire to become laborers with us and partakers of our benefits.

Little Glass Slipper

And she said unto Elijah, “What have I to do with thee, O thou man of God?” The Lord said to Elijah, “Go over to the brook Cherith, which is before Jordan. There I shall sustain thee.”

The great famine had hit all the land, and here was Elijah over by the brook, and, while he was here, God sent the ravens to feed Elijah. And then, all of a sudden, it looked like the brook dried up. He couldn’t get anything out of the brook any longer. And, when he couldn’t get anything out of the brook, the Word of the Lord came to Elijah again. You know, there is something about this that really stirs me every time I read in the Scriptures where the Bible says that the Word of the Lord came unto the prophets. I don’t know of anything that is more stirring and more thrilling to me than to know that, just out of no where, as we say, the Word of the Lord can come unto a preacher. The Word of the Lord can just come to him. I thank God for such a wonderful thing. But, did you know, that in the day we’re living in, we are far more advanced than even the prophets were? Can you see it? We are farther ahead today than the prophets of old were when the Word of the Lord came unto the prophets. I don’t have to wait until the Word of the Lord comes unto me, because I have the Spirit within me. I have the Holy Ghost within me, and the Spirit of God is on the inside of me, and the Word of the Lord abides with me day and night. I don’t have to wait for it to come to me. I’ve got Christ within me! I’ve got the Word within me!

What a thrill it was back there! Just somebody walking along: a prophet, praying, fasting, trying his best to get something from God, and then, out of the clear blue, here would come the Word of the Lord. All of a sudden, the Word of the Lord would say, “Elijah, go down by the brook Cherith,” or, “Elijah, go to Israel and say, ‘Thus saith the Lord’,” and Elijah would get inspired when the Spirit would come upon him, and when the Word would come upon him, he’d feel that quickening.

How many understand that the Word of God is quicker and sharper than a two-edged sword? How many of you know that it is Spirit, and that it gets down on the inside of you and stirs you up and causes you to move around in God? How many of you understand that? The Word of the Lord is Spirit. It’s quickening. It’s life!

I remember when Paul kept trying to express the Word of the Lord. He kept saying that there remaineth one thing, and that is the quickening. God is a quickening Spirit. Hallelujah! God is a quickening Spirit. If you don’t have anything quickening you, then you’ve not been born again, because God is a quickening Spirit, and the Spirit of the Lord quickens you.

The Bible says that if this Spirit be in you that raised up Christ from the dead, He shall also quicken your mortal body by His Spirit that dwelleth within you. If the Spirit of God doesn’t quicken you, there’s something wrong with you. If you’ve got that Spirit within you, then the Word of God will quicken you.

When the Word of God would come to the prophets, all of a sudden, he would feel something coming upon him. The Spirit of God would come down upon him. Now, when the Spirit of God would come down upon him, all of a sudden, he would feel that inspiration; maybe just be talking, walking along like this, saying, “Hallelujah! Glory to God! All praises and honor be unto God and His great name! Hallelujah!” And, all of a sudden, something would drop down on him, and the Spirit of God would come down and the Word would begin to move. Something would begin to feed his mind, and his mind would begin to project out yonder with thoughts, and things would begin to come to him, and something would say, “Elijah! Elijah!” And he would say, “Here am I Lord.” And He would say, “Elijah, go prophesy, Elijah.” Like He did to Ezekiel when He picked him up: the Spirit of God came down and just picked him up, and moved him through the air, took him over and set him down in the valley of dry bones. The Word of the Lord came to him, and the Word of the Lord said, “Ezekiel, prophesy to these dry bones.” He said, “Ezekiel, do you believe that these bones can live again?” Old Ezekiel said, “Lord, they are pretty dry. What do you think we ought to do about it?” God said, “Prophesy! Prophesy!”

That’s been the move in the world today. God has sent many great men to prophesy the Word of the Lord, and they have prophesied and prophesied all around the nations.

But, after a while, the Bible says that those bones began to come together. They began to move; something began to happen. There came a great shaking. The prophesy had gone through the land. All of a sudden, Ezekiel looked around, and all this prophesy had gone forth. Maybe it looks like it hasn’t done any good, but all of a sudden, he looked, and the Bible says that a great army stood upon its feet. When old Ezekiel looked over there, and he saw it, it wasn’t just a group of people, but the Bible says that it was a great army that stood upon its feet. Hallelujah! You say, “Where do you get that?” The Bible says, “I will bring forth My mighty army, saith the Lord. I’ll send forth some prophesy, and then I will bring forth My mighty army, saith the Lord.” I said this the other day, He’s got some captains, and He’s got some sergeants, and He’s got some generals, and He’s got some overseers; but He’s got a great army that’s out in the world, and this army is coming together, and they’re going to move over the face of the earth. They won’t say, “I’m Brother Pike’s followers.” They’re not going to say, “I’m Brother Terrell’s followers, I’m Brother Allen’s followers, and I’m Brother Branham’s followers,” but they are going to be born again Christians that will follow the name of the Lord and be filled with the Spirit of God. An army that will listen to oversight.

Wherever God brings oversight, they’re going to listen to the Word of God, and if the Word of the Lord comes to me, they’re going to listen to it. If it comes to Brother Benjamin, they’re going to listen to it, and if it comes to Brother Taylor, they’re going to listen to it. If it comes to Brother Jimmy, they’re going to listen to it. The Bible says that they moved like mighty men across this earth. Hallelujah! The great voice of God will come forth, and there will be a great move in the land. What a day! There’s never been a day like this in the history of the world. God is bringing forth a man child. I love to hear Brother Taylor sing that song, “God is bringing forth a man child, the Christ within you and me.” I can see something giving. I can see the youth getting up. I can see the Word of the Lord coming, and God’s doing a new thing. They’ve got these little stickers. The Lord said to me, “The old is gone and this is God’s new business.” God’s doing a new thing. You say, “What’s new about it preacher?” The Bible says, “I will bring forth a man child.” Hallelujah! “I will bring forth,” He said. “Shall I bring to the birth and the travail and not be able to bring forth?” “I will do a new thing,” Isaiah said, “You’ll see when it comes forth. I will make a way in the desert and in the solitary places.”

Look at Israel. Somebody’s prophesying, somebody’s saying something. If Israel is coming forth, if the natural Israel of God is beginning to rally and come forth, my brother and sister, that means there is something in the land somewhere. When God speaks to Israel, there is something on the move. Any great Bible scholar will tell you that when God begins to speak to Israel, it is time for the church to get up. Awake, O Zion! Put on thy beautiful garments. Hallelujah! There’s something that’s taking place, something that’s moving.

Last night, when I started into the little assembly, just a little mission, a fellow I hardly know stopped me. He said, “Brother Pike, I want to give you something.” I turned around, and he gave me a little glass slipper. I thought, “Well, I’ve been given about everything, but I’ve never been given a glass slipper.” So I took the glass slipper. I stuck it down in my pocket and went on inside. I thought, “Lord, what kind of significance could this have?” And then the Lord spoke to me about a little thing that I’d read many years ago.

How many remember the story about the fairy godmother? How that the sisters were all spruced up, you know, and had pretty clothes, and this little girl, she kind of labored in the background. She was just kind of a mop and scrub hand around there, washing dishes. How many remember that? But, there was a man by the name of Prince Charming that came along. How many remember the little story? And then, so it was about twelve o’clock, and the story relates that she had to get back or she would turn back into that little scrub girl. One night, she heard the clock strike, and she knew she had to run. As she ran, she lost the little glass slipper. Hallelujah!

You know, the true godmother is the church. By the great magic wand of God’s Word, we receive our beautiful garments, being caught up in the Spirit on different occasions, similar to Jesus’ transfiguration where He appeared in glory and His garments glistened; whereas afterwards He had to return to the beggarly elements of this world, being despised and rejected, having to endure the sorrows of Calvary for the joys that were set before Him, despising the shame thereof.

Whether it is in prayer and meditation, or through our glorious experience in the church, we feel so wonderful, so priestly, like a prince or a princess, but then, when we come down out of the clouds, and the anointing lifts, we return to our poor ways of life. While troubles and anxieties flood our mind, our hearts longingly look for that next great, exciting experience with God’s Prince Charming; for, one day, at the midnight cry, the foolish virgins of the unconcerned sisters will not be ready for the Lord’s return, and they will fail to go in with Him to the great marriage supper of the Lamb.

There we were! Cabbage Town: a rejected and despised place, very lowly in the eyes of the people. We have been to the big cathedrals and their polished scholars on many occasions, but, I have found the little glass slipper over in what is referred to as the slum areas of town.

We are told that the sons of God someday will marry the church. What a glorious hour of rejoicing to look forward to: to at last recognize the tender embrace of an everlasting love and consolation in a lovely world of magnificence, where we shall receive the desire of our heart in a world without end.

She lost her little glass slipper, and when Prince Charming got hold of it, he began to look through the neighborhood. He said, “I’m going to find that little girl,” and he began to look for her, and after awhile he ran across this house where all those sisters were all spruced up: the Methodist, the Baptist, the Presbyterian, and the Catholic, all spruced up, you know. They had everything just right, and they sure felt like the slipper would fit them. But, everyone that he placed the slipper on, it seemed to be the wrong size. After awhile, the little scrub girl knew what was going on. She was back there, and she knew that slipper wouldn’t fit any of them but her. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Amen!

There might be a lot of things you can do in this world, my brother and sister, but I want you to know that God’s got something that won’t fit anybody but you. Amen! That little slipper has to do with the soul. Hallelujah! I tell you, God’s got something that won’t fit any soul except your soul. God has a little glass slipper. So I took that little thing, and I thought, “Lord, is there that much within that little glass slipper?” I took that little glass slipper and stuck it down in my pocket, and I started back home. I spoke to my wife, and I said, “Betty, I have something I want to give to you.” So I gave Betty the little glass slipper. I said, “I don’t know if it will fit your foot or not.” Betty said, “Well, it might not fit my natural foot, but I’m so little, it will fit my soul.” Hallelujah! My daughter Gracie said, “Daddy, please give it to me! Please give it to me, Daddy!”

I tell you what, there is a real God moving through the earth today, and all the sisters are trying to get it to fit their foot. Everyone is saying, “You know it’s me, you know it’s me, you know it’s me!” They’ve said all kinds of things. God knows whose foot it will fit. Hallelujah! Amen! If you’re that called bride today, that slipper will fit your foot.

The Word of the Lord came to the prophet, and he went to this woman, and the woman said, “O man of God! What have I to do with thee?” You’ve got something to do with the man of God. You’ve got something to do that nobody else can do but you. The Word came to Elijah, and as the Word came, he prophesied, and Elijah said to the woman, “O woman, I’ve not come to call your sins to remembrance.” Because the man of God reproves, because he says something to you, he hasn’t come to call your sins to remembrance, but he’s come to help you. He’s come to lead you into something for God, and you can have it if you’re willing to get to the place to where you can go on with God. There’s nothing like the move of God that’s in the earth today.

The Bible says that the end of the matter is better than the beginning. He said, “Elijah, stay by the brook! Stay by the brook!” And Elijah obeyed the voice. The trouble with us today is that we don’t want to stay by the brook. We don’t want to do what God tells us to do. We’re to ambitious. We want to do it our way. We see things our way. We want to go where we want to go. Amen!

I wonder if your soul, your spirit, is anchored in God in such a way that the little glass slipper will fit. In the Old Testament, when they made that perfume that went up before God, they said if anybody makes any like it, let them be cut off from the tribes. God said that He wouldn’t have it because it was a type of the Holy Ghost. Is that right? A type of the Holy Ghost. He said, “If anybody makes any like it, they will be cut off from among the people.” I thought last night about that perfume: just think, that perfume, a type of the sweet smelling savor of the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts. In our soul! What a wonderful thing! Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

There we were, over in Cabbage Town, a stinking, dirty place that’s been cut off from the rest of Atlanta, Georgia. Just the poor folks, the nobodies, the nothings. Amen! But, out of the little manger came forth a man child. Hallelujah! The Bible says that the government shall be upon His shoulders, and to His kingdom, there shall be no end. Like I preached last night, that in the days of the ten toes, or the days of the ten kingdoms, the Bible tells us that it is in the days of those kings that God would bring forth the little stone of His Word. Daniel said that God brought forth the Word, and the Word of the Lord came in the days of the ten kings. The Bible says that God sent forth His Word, and the kingdoms would come forth in the days of the ten toes, and it would be established in the earth. Of that kingdom, there would be no end, for it would be from now on.

“What have I to do with thee, thou man of God?” The little widow had respect. You know what she had to do with: she was on starvation and didn’t have anything to eat. The church world is gone. The brook’s dried up. Amen! The oil has gone out of the cruse. The flour’s gone. They’re eating the last meal. It’s time for Prince Charming to come on the scene. Don’t you see it? The little widow was God’s Cinderella. As God passed by all the great refineries and outstanding personalities of that day, coming in the form of Elijah as the mighty prince to meet the needs of a little scrub girl. Hallelujah! That’s it! It’s not the polished seminaries of today, or the big cathedrals on the corner with their high steeples. It’s not the women with their miniskirts and their fancy pant suits, trying to show off their bodies like the wicked sisters did in the story of Cinderella.

But, it’s that little old backward Pentecostal scrub girl, or somebody in the Baptist Church, or the Methodist Church, or the Catholic Church; some rejected stone that didn’t fit their organized system. That’s the one that God is looking for, the one that has become the head of the corner. Hallelujah! Glory to God! I’m feeling better all the time. I am glad that when they got over the Jordan, they found a new harvest. They found a new crop. Amen! When everything is about gone and there’s nothing left, and everybody says there isn’t anything else to do, and evangelists are about to go crazy going from place to place, then God said, “I will do a new thing.” God promised in that hour He would do it; that He would come forth with it, and I see a new thing. God’s brand new thing of bringing forth the man child. He’s never brought Him forth before, but He is fixing to bring Him forth. Who ever heard of such a thing: a nation being born in one day? Who ever heard of such a thing? Something is fixing to happen.

The message that I brought last night was lengthy. I made it that way so I could put it on tape, and the people could get it and understand what I was saying. I believe you could understand what I was trying to say. If you’ve not heard it; if you get a chance, you ought to listen to it. It was concerning the ten toes and some things that are about to happen.

I want you to know that there is a Prince Charming, and he’s in the land today, and he’s looking for a little lady that can wear the golden slipper or the glass slipper. Hallelujah! He’s looking for the little lady that it will fit, and I believe that there is someone in the land today. I don’t think we will find her in the polished churches. I don’t think we will find her in the seminaries, but I believe that we will find her back on the backside of no where; maybe a missionary out on the field. I saw a sister the other day. They took a picture of her while they were down in Mexico. Many times she sits here listening to this gospel. Now, she’s down there. I saw her, bent over a tub, just scrubbing away with her hands. Didn’t have a washing machine; didn’t have any modern facilities, but was down there by the little old building that’s just a little one room place where they are living. She was scrubbing away, and she turned her head when they took the picture, and she was grinning.

Now, I know you can’t grin too good down there when things are in that kind of condition, but if you know what you went for; if you know that there’s a purpose; if you know it’s the life of Christ, then you know that’s the right thing. Hallelujah! Christ is looking, as Prince Charming, for the little lady that the glass slipper will fit. Hallelujah!

I wonder how many have really done without; that have stood beside their husband; that have said, “Whatever he wants me to do is all right with me, God. Whatever You want, that’s what I want.” I wonder how many have mumbled and grumbled because he’s taken a dollar or a little of his time and tried to devote it to the work of God and it’s made a little inconvenience for you. I wonder how many have denied yourself. I wonder how many of you husbands have worked with the wife, when the wife had a vision and tried to deny herself. I wonder just how many we have here. If I began to take stock, would the little glass slipper really fit? I wonder that when the Prince Charming of heaven begins to come down on the earth and begins to walk, I wonder how many of those are going to have that tiny, meek, little foot, that little thing that can take the preparation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the fitting of the soul, right down to the tee, until where He knows it belongs to them. Hallelujah! I took it and I put it in my pocket last night, and I thought, “Lord, why did You give me a glass slipper? What am I doing with a glass slipper?” But you know, there’s a story in the glass slipper. Some of you have labored. Some of you have done without.

The little widow said, “What have I to do with thee, thou man of God?” He said, “The first thing is make me a little cake. I need a little cake. I’m hungry.” You know, it’s a strange thing, but God always comes to you in need. Have you ever noticed that? He comes to you in need.

How many remember the little story about the woman, when Jesus said, “I’m coming to visit with you,” and during that day, there came forth the poor, there came forth the cripple, and there came forth the needy, but the woman said, “I’m so busy. I’m cleaning the house. I’ve got to look good. Jesus said that He’s coming by.” And then, in the evening, when everything was over, she turned around, and she was so disappointed, and she said, “Lord, You said that You would come by and visit with me, but Lord, You never came by.” He said, “I came by again and again, but you were to busy to do anything for Me.” “Inasmuch as you do it unto them,” Jesus said, “you do it unto Me,” the least of these, those that are in need.

A lot of times you could swear to your own hurt, but you won’t do it. If a brother rises up against you, or if something comes up, instead of you swearing to your own hurt and swallowing down, you won’t do it. You’ll retaliate and come back at him, when if you would just swallow down and say, “Lord, I’m doing it for Jesus’ sake. You said to strive to keep the unity of Spirit and the bond of fellowship, and Lord, I’m doing this for Jesus’ sake. He cut me to my heart. He hurt me, but God, for Jesus’ sake, I’m doing it. For the little Christ that’s on the inside of his heart, and to be an example. Lord, You suffered for me, I’m suffering for You.” But, you don’t, you wives, when the husbands are upset. We don’t do that, we husbands, when the wives are upset. We don’t do that, sons and daughters, when mom and dad are upset, do we? When the neighbors are upset, we don’t do that, do we? But, I’ll tell you, there is somebody that does, and the little glass slipper will fit their foot. It’ll fit their foot. That little story wasn’t for nothing. Everything in this earth represents Christ and His bride. It wasn’t for nothing, and I’ll tell you, He’s in the land today.

“What have I to do with thee, O thou man of God?” He said, “Lady, do what I tell you. Just obey me. Everything’s gone, but if you’ll listen to me, I’ve got a Word from the Lord. I’ve got a message to give you, and it’s straight from heaven. It’s thus saith the Lord, if you can get a hold of it.” See, the secret is if you can take hold of it. Jesus said to the woman at the well, “Lady, if you’ll just get a hold of what I’m trying to tell you, you won’t ever thirst anymore, but out of thy innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. Your cup will run over if you’ll just do what I tell you.” Hallelujah! Not to call your sins to remembrance, but just to let you know that God is watching you. God is looking toward you. God has got His eyes on you.

God has something for us. I appreciate the efficiency of those that labor with us, coming up here on the organ, the piano, the accordion, and the different things. People that have jobs in the church; people that have instruments to play, positions to fill; all you have to do is be faithful. I don’t know what position you have, but if you’ll be faithful, the little glass slipper will fit your foot when the Prince Charming of heaven comes to your door; and He will come, He is no respecter of persons when He knocks on your door. He isn’t going down to Brother Pike’s and leave you off, or go down to your neighbors and leave you off. He isn’t going to do that; but He’s going to come over to your house, and He’s going to try it on you, too. If it will fit, that is all He is looking for. That’s all He’s looking for, if it will fit you, and we’ve got an opportunity to be faithful. Be loyal. Be faithful. Jesus said, “If you’ll be faithful, hold on to the end, he that occupies till I come, blessed is he, and I will make him ruler over all that I’ve got. Be faithful and I will give you a crown of life. Don’t cast away your confidence.”

You folks that don’t have faith in God: you feel that you are a privileged people, a privileged nation. Go ahead and struggle for riches, powers, and places of authority, but remember one thing: the Bible says, “The rich shall throw their riches to the bats.” In the vision that I saw, the wealthy were forsaking their fine homes and their riches; whereas, there was a group of poor common people that were dressed with beautiful robes down to their feet. The rapture was about to take place, and the wealthy wanted so much to get rid of their wealth and to number themselves with the common people, but too late, the flashy sisters learned that Prince Charming had no interest in them, and that He was looking for the little scrub girl who had been robbed of the good things in life.

It is well stated in the Scriptures, as the rich man looked up from the flames, Abraham said, “In your life, you had your good things, and Lazarus, likewise, the bad; but now, Lazarus is comforted and thou art tormented.” So I beseech you to hold fast to your integrity and confidence in God, and be not weary in well doing, for in due season, ye shall reap, if ye faint not.

We’re living in an age wherein we are told by the Scriptures that the hearts of young men will faint or fail for looking after the things that are to come upon the earth. The hour of temptation has come. Never before have men been tempted and tried in such a manner as today. The beginning of sorrows is here. Everything that you go to do tends to end in sorrow. Life holds no joy anymore. There is danger and heartaches, along with fears and oppression, in every walk of life. Each day tends to be a greater burden.

I recall a great man by the name of William Branham, who sprang up as a root out of a dry ground. There was a great religious banqueting of revival that sprung up around the world. The cry went forth, “Let him without money come!” The poor were invited. The people that lived across the tracks and the person that lived in the little shanty were so fascinated by this great outpouring of God’s presence. Like the story of Cinderella, they really came to believe that they were something, and that life was not a worthless cause. But, as the midnight hour has come, and the big banquet of grace and refreshing is over, the little Cinderella of God has fled away into the night, retaining part of the preparation of the soul, as a little slipper, which is her inward salvation; yet, having to wait for the redemption of the body that she had so vividly seen during the time of her spiritual refreshing, the other slipper being the part which Prince Charming has with Him.

Like the weird story of the jack-o-lantern or the bewitching night of Halloween, the carnal night of intellectual reasoning has overshadowed the people. Gross darkness has covered them. As it was in Egypt, the darkness is so dense that it can be felt on the nervous system. The beautiful anointing of the great revival is lifted. Cinderella’s dream has been crushed. Her beautiful chariot, as the mind of Christ that carried her, has suddenly disappeared, and in its place, there is a weird pumpkin, or intellectual head of reasoning that produces a wolf-like or beastly generation of beatniks and long-haired hippies. The head of the church is gone; they having rejected Christ, and a horrid head of freaks and nightmares is in its place: a satanic head, as is represented by the weird jack-o-lantern.

The church world has turned back into a pumpkin. The beautiful horses that pulled the carriage have turned into mice; for, instead of preachers (as one great preacher has stated), it has become a rat race. Zion’s beautiful garment is missing. Jesus condemned them for turning His house into a place of merchandise, but now, they peddle everything from pencils to holy water. Yet, during the time of all this fear and frustration, the great Prince Charming of God is seeking and searching, and at last, He is finding the little Cinderella of God who has been lost among the multitudes. The great day of her wonderful experience with God, at last, is approaching.

As it was stated in a little story I one time heard, it went something like this: A great rancher had a number of daughters who were preparing themselves for a big banquet and dance. They shunned a little cousin who came to visit with them, having the feeling that she was so unimportant. They left her to scrub the floors and to do the dishes. Inasmuch as this was to be a great occasion, they took special preparation and care, for the son of a great rich man, who owned the big ranch and also owned a great company in the big eastern cities, was to come to this ranch at this particular time, seeking a wife. But, during the time of the dancing and the great frolic, this man, being disgusted with what he had seen, had taken a stroll over to the nearby corral. It was at just such a time that the little scrub girl, or neglected cousin who seemed to be so unimportant, walked out into the moonlight to empty the dishwater. Being so fascinated by what he saw, he immediately began to talk with her; told her his purpose; and then, proposed to her. He then left her and returned to his home, leaving with her a promise that he would return for her in the springtime.

She related the strange incident to her cousins, but the other girls only mocked her. But, she held on to the promise believing what he had said. On the day that he was to return, she made special preparations while the others mocked, but, as she sat waiting, suddenly, there was heard the sound of hoof beats and the rattling of the buckboard as the carriage came down the trail. In utter amazement as the others looked on, he stepped from the carriage, swept her up into his arms, and took her away to a beautiful, fine mansion and a life that she had never known.

Now then, that’s the way it has to be with us. God gave us His promise. He cannot lie! It doesn’t matter if the others mock! Let’s just be faithful and wait for His return. Just remember, He promised. The Prince Charming of God will come when the time is just right. Solomon said that when the flowers begin to bloom and the springtime of God’s Spirit be in the earth, the voice of the turtle will be heard in the land. He will call for His mate. Let’s make the special preparation, for soon, this great prince will pass through the land, and He will stop just long enough to see if the glass slipper will fit your foot. So, don’t be weary in well doing, for ye shall reap in due season, if ye faint not. Just keep holding on, and everything will work out right.

By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

Founder and first President of Jesus Christ’s Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.

Holiness Unto The Lord