Thy Will Be Done

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1989 by Betty M. Pike

1. Jesus, the kind-hearted Savior,

In the garden of old Gethsemane,

The sins of all the world there upon Him, He prayed,

“Father, let this cup pass from Me.”


2. “Dark shadows of night fall upon Me,

Of the cross I must bear to Calvary,

From the manger to the cross I am walking,

Father, just to please Thee.”


3. “Cruel, cruel hands will lay hold on Me,

A crown of thorns they will place on My brow,

With that mighty whip they will lash Me,

Until furrows in My back they will plow.”


4. “I’ve no beauty so that any should desire Me,

A man of sorrow, I’m acquainted with grief,

And oh the agony as friends turn on Me,

And Father, Your back You’ll turn on Me.”



“If this is Your will, then permit it,

I’ll drink the bitter cup, O Holy One,

But I’m so grievously tormented,

Not My will, but Thy will be done.”