The Trail Of Memory

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. Sometimes I take a stroll, down that little dusty road,

As I stop and turn the page of memory,

Oh, it gives my heart a thrill, for to me it seems so real,

As I behold the happy scenes along the way.


2. I can see my mom and dad, there when I was just a lad,

And I long so, once again to say “Hello!”

Just to feel their sweet embrace, and behold their loving face,

To share again that precious love of long ago.


3. When I see the old home place, then my heart begins to break,

And once again, my eyes fill up with tears,

In my heart I say a prayer, “Oh dear Lord, let me be there,

On that great homecoming day with those who care.”



Down the trail of memory I go walking,

As I relive my childhood years of yesterday,

I listen, and I hear the old folks talking,

As I greet my friends, with whom I used to play.