Songs Of Zion

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. When my load here seems so heavy,

And the weary days draw near,

When it seems off in the distance,

The master’s lovely voice I hear,

When upon my bed I’m sighin’,

And I know that I am dyin’,

Let me sing the songs of Zion, one more time.


2. In this world we often stumble,

It’s God’s way to keep us humble,

As we stagger down life’s trail here as one blind,

But you’ll find, as you keep walkin’

You can hear my Savior talkin’

In those gentle tones so tender and so kind.


3. As my friends around me gather,

Then I know that I’ll feel better,

I’ll behold there as the teardrops fill the eyes,

Precious loved ones there in sorrow,

They cannot see beyond tomorrow,

With trembling voices there, we’ll say our last goodbyes.



Let me sing the songs of Zion one more time,

As I see the angels coming to my side,

Just before I start my journey,

To that land of milk and honey,

Let me sing the songs of Zion, one more time,