Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. In this world we often hear,

The short and quick refrain,

“You do what you want to do,

But I will do my thing.”

There’s one thing I want, my friend,

And that’s not worldly fame,

It’s that man of Galilee,

Jesus is His name.


2. The good Lord said to Mary,

“Jesus is the name,

Of the babe within the womb,

And He’s that holy thing.”

Let the world both far and near,

Thus with joy proclaim,

A babe born in the manger,

He’s the King of kings.


3. Folks think that I’m beside myself,

Because of my extreme,

But I’m oh so happy, friend,

While doing my thing,

Now the world can understand,

So that men might know,

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

Everywhere I go.



Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

Praise His worthy name,

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

He’s my lovely thing,

Praise Him in the morning,

Praise Him night and noon,

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

For naught else there is room.