Heaven Must Wait

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. There’s a beautiful place, a city called glory,

Where loved ones are waiting, to welcome me home,

With heavenly thrills, and enchanting beauties,

With gates of pure pearl, and its dazzling stones.


2. Angels are watching, and the gates, they stand open,

The lights of that city, they beckon me on,

Those clear rippling streams, there’s mountains of splendor,

His charming sweet voice, won’t let me go wrong.


3. Tell me my friend, have you heard about Jesus,

That wonderful Savior, so rich and so rare,

There’s no one like Him, in earth or in heaven,

Nothing is found, that to Him can compare.



But heaven must wait, I want to see Jesus,

I long to behold Him upon His great throne,

The Spirit, it calls, for me He’s there waiting,

My heart, it is longing, it cannot be long.