Headed For The Moon

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1995 by Betty M. Pike

1. God said subdue and multiply in dominion on this earth,

But the heavens I’ve preserved and protected from the curse,

Now your sins are lifted up, they’ve reached to heaven, friend,

Now there’s nothing left for God to do, except to make an end.


2. Columbus sailed the ocean here, to prove the world was round,

But before he discovered it, in the Scriptures it was found,

God sat upon the circle, of this old world of sin,

As grasshoppers He beheld the people here within.


3. My friends you’ve wrought a mighty deed through venture and conquest,

But the glory you gave unto men astronaut and president,

Nothing was said about my Lord, the one who gave you birth,

Nor did you praise the God above who made heaven and earth.


4. I think about much greater deeds of a man called Joshua,

Who gave the glory unto God as he turned night into day,

The moon he made to take a rest while the great sunlight above,

Obeyed the voice of a mortal man at God’s command of love.


5. In the Bible we are told oh so plainly, friend,

To reach the moon is what it took, for this old world to end,

You’ve made your nest among the stars, everything is looking well,

But the Bible tells almighty God shall cast you down to hell.



A rocket ship, an astronaut, all headed for the moon,

With everything they needed, but for Christ there was no room,

A lot of courage on display, as this old world looked on,

But an astronaut, and a rocket ship, for sin cannot atone.