Heavenly Treasures

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1977 by Betty M. Pike

1. In this world here below,

With its heartaches and sorrows,

There’s so many treasures that one can bestow,

But we fail to see our greatest possession,

Until our dear loved ones have fallen to sleep.


2. I remember so well, the days of my childhood,

With mama and daddy, whom I loved so dear,

Life was so grand, when we were together,

But it just ain’t the same, since mother’s not here.


3. The lights of my home, shined over the hilltop,

Where mama and daddy are waiting for me,

That little trail leads to my home up in heaven,

Where the face of my Savior, someday I shall see.



Just over the mountain,

Beyond the great valley,

Where heavenly treasures are waiting for me,

I’m longing to go,

There’s a little trail winding,

Upward to glory where I’m yearning to be.