Forgive And Forget

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1984 by Betty M. Pike

1. I’m trying, Lord, to do the best I can,

Amid the raging tide of a troubled sea,

So won’t You come along and hold my hand,

And calm life’s troubled waters Lord for me?


2. Lord, so many disappointments here I meet,

That sometimes I grow weary on my way,

I just have to talk a little while with Thee,

Oh, be patient while You listen to my say.


3. Every time that I decide within my heart,

To try a little harder just to stand,

It seems to me someone’s always around,

Who wants to interfere with my new plans.


4. Precious Savior help me never to complain,

Give me strength to help some one a little bit,

For so many times I’ve thought within my heart,

I’ll forgive dear Lord, but I cannot forget.



Help me to forgive Lord, and forget,

For the mem’ries of the past still linger yet,

I don’t want to be bitter, Lord, and live in sad regret,

So help me to forgive, Lord, and forget.