Common Street

Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1996 by Betty M. Pike

1. I wanna live on common street,

Down where the poor folks stay,

For I don’t like your high class living,

Your hypocritical way,

I’d rather be just a common boy,

And live way down on common street,

Where I can have a friend.


2. In this cruel and wicked world,

You have to pay a price,

You sacrifice your very soul,

For the things that look so nice,

But to gain the world and to lose your soul,

Is a foolish thing my friend.


3. Poverty is a cruel, cruel thing,

That tries to steal your life,

But sometimes poverty,

Is a blessing in disguise,

It may hinder a lot of things,

That you want to do,

But it may be the very thing,

That turns you to the truth.


4. We’re told in God’s sweet Holy Word,

To seek the kingdom first,

The good Lord there will add the rest,

And it’ll be free from curse,

But we impatiently will shove,

We won’t let God have time,

To purge our conscience from within,

And to be our friend and guide,


5. Give to me sweet charity,

Jesus hold my hand,

Free me from these worldly ties,

Help me to understand,

Tell me of the love of God,

And teach me how to pray,

I want to be a child of God,

In just a common way.