Written by George Leon Pike, Sr.

Copyright © 1974 by Betty M. Pike

1. America, America, with your scenes of beauty,

Your buildings gracefully reach up toward the sky,

God surely loves America to let her keep on growing,

When the blind man and the beggar she carelessly passes by.


2. In the land we’re living in, there’s milk and honey flowing,

But still there’s poverty along the street,

We’re blinded by riches and can’t see where we’re going,

We fail to hear the soul that’s crying, “What about me?”


3. The blind man on the corner, do you stop to take his hand,

To lead him safely to the other side?

Friend, are you ashamed of him cluttering up your land?

Do you quietly meet him, and then hurry on by?


4. The orphan and the widow, do you hear their pleading?

Do you share your blessings with a smile?

Friend, you’d better help them, for soon the Lord is coming,

He once came as a beggar, but the next time the Most High.


5. Lazarus the beggar, how he begged for crumbs.

Remember how the Savior heard his cry,

Blind Bartimaeus on the corner, met God’s chosen Son.

So friend, drop in a little while you’re passing by.



Oh, what about me, oh, friend where am I going?

What will I do when you’re asleep at might?

While in your bed you’re comforted,

When the cold winds are blowing,

But I’m a hungry beggar that sits on your streets at night.