The Teletype

The Word of God is filled with countless revelational truths, but those jewels are closed to most people’s understanding because we don’t know God’s language, which is spiritual, and therefore expressed through types and shadows (things seen in this natural world). This is what Paul meant in Romans when he wrote, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made (types and shadows).”

These invisible things Paul spoke of are God’s spiritual language. His language is spiritual because He is Spirit. Paul told the church at Corinth, “And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal (or natural things).” So, let’s look at a type and shadow that Jesus used. Jesus made the statement, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” Jesus called us sheep. Why a sheep? Because of the sheep’s nature or spirit. A sheep is a follower and is gentle and fully dependent on the shepherd. Likewise, we are to take on the nature of a sheep. We are to follow Jesus (the Word) and simply believe without rebellion.

So, why did God use an animal to show us how we ought to maintain our spirit? Because a nature or spirit is invisible and can only be seen through something earthly or natural. Also, God chose an animal because its nature never changes. A sheep will always act like a sheep. There won’t be any days that you see a sheep pouncing on the shepherd, or jumping over a fence to be on its own. Likewise, a dove will remain gentle and harmless, and a fox will always be sly and cunning. But man’s true nature is often hidden and subject to change at any time. One moment, we can be just as prideful and lifted up as a rooster, like Peter before the crucifixion of Jesus, and the next moment we can have a servant’s heart with a desire to do something for Jesus, like Mary when she washed the Lord’s feet.

Another example of a type and shadow of God’s spiritual language is prison. Prison is a type of the grave, having to do with death and hell. When we came to prison, we died to the world we used to live in. Is that right? Aren’t we hid away in the heart of the prison system? At first, tears were shed by our loved ones, but as time passed, we were forgotten, so to speak, buried out of sight and out of mind in the grave called prison. We actually changed worlds or crossed over to another way of life, and that crossing wasn’t easy, was it? Some of us didn’t want to leave the drugs and alcohol, the thieving and robbing, the filthy practices undercover and behind closed doors. And if the truth be told, some of us haven’t left it. We still have an appetite for the wine of the world. We still have a desire to get drunk off all the beggarly elements that the world has to offer – a little Hollywood wine, some filthy book wine and magazine wine, some evil communications wine. Is that right?

But just like Jesus, who hung there on the cross at Calvary, descended into the heart of the earth, and then resurrected to the newness of life, so are we to do likewise as sons and daughters of God. We resurrect by forsaking that old fleshly mind of evil thoughts of lying, cheating, stealing, robbing, sodomizing, and envying. The fleshly mind was meant to die at our Calvary when we crossed over and came to prison.

But Satan will surely convince us that we ought to do a little of this and a little of that, and before we know it, we are living the same old way as we did in the world, the same old way we were living on the street, just in another form. Satan, which is the spirit that leads the fleshly mind, will have us lapping up the filthy acts of lewdness on the television, telling the same old filthy jokes, and glamorizing about all our past evil that we are ever so proud of. How can we cross over to the mind of Christ when we are still eating the muck and the mire that we were feasting on prior to prison? Our carnal mind has to die so that Christ Jesus can resurrect within us and we can be set free.

If Jesus turned down the wine that the world had to offer while He was on the cross, then shouldn’t we turn it down also? The world’s wine may comfort for a season, but after a while, you’ll be left with a nasty hangover and an upset stomach. We have got to let those old desires fizzle out and begin developing an appetite for the new wine of spiritual truths, which are embedded in this world’s types and shadows. Let us begin to cast out all those thoughts that are worldly, like a ship’s crew that casts out all the nonessential items to keep a troubled ship afloat. Then we can meditate on the Word of God and learn the most beautiful language ever created. Those types and shadows will become unveiled and we can teletype right on out of prison and directly into the marvelous kingdom of God.

Holiness Unto The Lord