The Loophole

A man approached me recently and said, “I found a loophole for every man to get out of prison.” I never asked him what that loophole was and he never said because he began to talk about how much money was to be made from this mysterious ‘loophole.’

That evening, I told a friend what was said, and I’m glad I did because the anointing fell on him and God spoke, revealing His way or the loophole out of prison for everyone.

The Bible says that God is faithful and will, with every temptation, make a way of escape. In fact, if you look at the Scripture, it’s clear to see that God always makes an escape as soon as the temptation comes: God will with the temptation, also make a way to escape. So, we see that when the temptation comes, at that very moment, God has already made a way of escape. Temptation comes in many forms. One form most people never see is a prison sentence. It certainly is a temptation. Someone may say, “But I thought a temptation was like someone else provoking you to fight.” That’s right, and so is a sentence to prison. A prison sentence is a temptation, and when that temptation came, God made a way out. That’s such a powerful promise in the Word of God – just to know that everyone in prison has a way out and that way of escape has been since the temptation began.

Someone may ask, “Is it a good lawyer?” No. “Is it helping others with their case?” No, but you should certainly do these things and make an effort to fight your case. So, what is God’s loophole? PRAYER. If people would just pray, then they would escape the temptation of prison.

Some might say, “Well that’s not right, I’ve been praying since I got arrested and I’m still in prison!” Well friend, you are mistaken. The Bible says, “Let God (the Word) be true and every man a liar.” Friend, you are mistaken. It is impossible for the Word of God to lie. If God said it, then that is the way it is. He said that with every temptation He already made a way of escape. If He didn’t already make a way of escape, then how would it be possible to escape the temptation when it comes? God is not waiting to make a way of escape for people to get out of prison; He already made the way – PRAYER.

If you have not escaped the temptation of prison, it is obvious you haven’t been praying. Paul said to pray without ceasing. The Bible says Elijah prayed and it didn’t rain for three years. Elijah didn’t pray one thirty-minute prayer and then it rained. Elijah got down on his knees for three years and prayed every day effectually and fervently asking God to stop the rain. He didn’t offer up some ‘popcorn’ prayer; he didn’t throw out a one-time ‘Hail Mary’ to God. Elijah prayed on his knees without ceasing!

Friend, do you want to escape prison? Do you want the ‘loophole’ out of prison? Then PRAY. Get down on your knees and pray to God. If someone would have told you a hard thing, such as, “Just get this lawyer,” then you would have done it. If someone would’ve said, “File all the petitions you can to every court,” you would have done it. If they would have said that there is a loophole because the government made a mistake and all you have to do is buy this one book and it would free you, you would have done it. Friend, God’s way is not hard. His way of escape from prison is simple and easy – PRAYER. The ‘Loophole’ is prayer.

Holiness Unto The Lord