The Heart Trick

Do you think that it is hard to build faith while in prison? While separated from family and friends, there is constant immorality and strife going on around you or maybe even directed at you. Is it hard to get help for things such as legal matters or money placed on your account? With each present or new sorrow or hardship, the temptation and desire to live like the world or any way that seems comfortable to the flesh can be great. You can get so low you just don’t know what to do. But FAITH will lift you up – even out of prison. It gets things done for the believer. Do you want to know how?

First, we know that Jesus has perfect faith, and this faith is what grants us salvation. Isn’t that the faith He has given us? Yes, He has, but the Bible speaks of another kind of faith that is given to us by measure. It tells us that this kind of faith is grown in the fertile soil of our heart; some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold and some up to the full measure of the hundred-fold. And, there is something we can do to make our heart a more fertile field to grow the measures of FAITH that Jesus spoke of. We can assure our hearts. See, the Bible says to not just love in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth. In other words, don’t just say it or think it, DO it. Another Scripture says, “Faith without works is dead.” In another Scripture, Jesus asks, “Where is your faith?” Notice that it is not Jesus’ faith but YOUR faith. James also said, “I will show you my faith by my works,” which means in deed and in truth. The Bible also says, “And we shall assure our hearts before Him.” Our hearts will know we have true faith, and if it does, it will not condemn us. Then, we will have confidence towards God and that will allow Christ Jesus’ faith to work, operate, and perform in our lives. You may say, “Great, so I will just do some good deeds and wait.” Well, that won’t hurt, but you can trick your heart and it is your heart you have to convince. “Convince”, because that is to assure and your heart wants to make sure you are sincere.

So let us get down to business with God. What are the things you would like God to do on your behalf? Is it a little money on your account? Is it early parole? Is it health? Is it a visitation from a loved one or a friend? Whatever it is, even when God wants you to have these things, you must still assure your heart that you want it, even though in your head you may already believe you do. The only way to assure your heart, in order to raise your faith to match His believing faith, is to keep your conscience void of offence towards God and towards man in respect to the thing that you are believing God to do for you. Here’s how.

Firstly, you must make a sincere effort to clean up your life, which gives you a good conscience towards God. In addition, you must make a real effort towards getting the thing you are seeking God for, in order to assure your heart that you honestly want it. This may mean that you keep writing letters, making phone calls, and trying humble, polite attempts, all in effort to convince your own heart that you really want these things without giving up. Now, I realize that you just might achieve these things by trying without God’s help. Some have learned this and do not wish to live godly. But, if you want God’s help in the matter, you must live godly, holy, clean, upright and obedient to His Word. This will activate the faith of Christ on your behalf to match your faith. God then may work through your efforts, but He doesn’t have to. Your confidence of heart towards God will cause Him to literally ‘show off’ for the witness of His glory and send you help in ways that you never thought of or even dreamed.

Now, if you think you lack the strength to live a clean and holy life, just study God’s Word and pray and withdraw from negative or evil communications. Do not get involved in things you know are wrong. Find good people to fellowship. Others just corrupt you and pull you down in your faith. By all means, get control of the confessions of your mouth. Negative confessions are great destroyers of your faith. You will never live above your confessions. Whatever you are seeking God for, you must confess it, whether you see it or not. If another contradicts your confession, then politely go from them and keep confessing your desire regardless of what you see or hear. If your confessions stay true, then your faith will rise to it.

The thing that matters most in all of this is that you have to try, and I mean sincerely try. God will help us if we‘re sincerely trying, and our faith will really grow. If we are not sincerely making an effort or we are half-hearted in the matter, then we are what the Bible terms ‘double-minded’ and unstable and will not be able to receive help from the Lord. God rewards sincerity. An up-and-down person can never convince his heart of anything, and his heart becomes distrustful and doubtful of his own self. This doesn’t mean that we won’t stumble, but it does mean that if we do stumble we get up, dust off our self, learn from it, and keep trying harder. The more you accomplish, the higher your faith will be. As your faith grows, God’s faith, which is the faith of Christ Jesus, will match your own. Before you realize it, you won’t feel imprisoned because it no longer holds you and you will be able to testify and give glory to God to encourage another. May God bless you as you grow in your faith.

Holiness Unto The Lord