The Dress Code

Did you know that God has a dress code? Just as the department of corrections requires us to dress in all manner of decency, so does God require His children to dress holy and clean. Did you know that there are men and women in prison that dress more decent and holy than many of the folks in the free world churches? I realize that there are those in prison who are bound and determined to put their flesh on display every time church service is called. Men will go to church with sagging pants, unbuttoned shirts, rolled up sleeves to show off their tattoos. And women will go to church call with their tightest uniforms and lowest cut shirts, all in hopes of luring someone’s attention. And even with all of that, the church world is in much worse condition, allowing for shorts, tank tops, skimpy dresses, see-through clothing, low cut blouses, and all sorts of form fitting clothing that projects the flesh. It’s a shame and disgrace that prison visitation rules of dress code are closer to godliness than what the preachers allow for in the house of God,

God is the Spirit of holiness. When we have God’s Spirit, then we will dress holy and decent in or out of the house of God. God’s house is not a place to put our flesh on display so someone can lust after us, nor a place to go lusting after our brothers and sisters. Paul said, “I speak this to your shame.” The Bible tells us that when the Words of Jesus came to the wild man in the country of the Gadarenes, that he had enough decency to put some clothes on.

Did you know that there are people who will go to church dressed decently, but when they get out of the presence of God, they’ll dress any kind of way? Hardly an hour will pass before women will toss their church apparel to the side and put on skimpy sun-bathing apparel, having no shame whatsoever that others are being allured by their flesh. Men will strip off their shirt and put on a pair of shorts to mow the lawn or wash the car, knowing good and well that his neighbor’s wife is on the front porch, having no shame of his nakedness.

The church world does these thing with a regularity, yet are these not the practices of the world? Doesn’t the Bible command us to come out from among them (the world) and be a separate people? Christians are to put a difference between holy and unholy, and between clean and unclean, and we are not to allow for the ungodly ways of the world. Why is it a man will go to church call, and then come back to the dorm, take off his shirt, and strut around in front of the female officers? Or why is it men and women alike will go to prayer call half dressed, just for a fair show of their flesh? Don’t you know that God is not in such filth as that?

Sons and daughters of God are to dress holy, in body and in mind (spirit). When we put on the Spirit of Christ by the hearing of the Word, we are putting clean and holy garments within our mind. Every time we believe the Word and take faith, we become robed in godly apparel in our hearts and minds. And when we kneel down and call out to God in prayer, we are putting on clothing of humility and godliness.

But, when we decide to go contrary to the Word of God by reading ungodly library books, listening to ungodly and worldly music, and watching lustful Hollywood perversion, we become spiritually naked in the sight of God and lose our precious wedding garments of righteousness that God so graciously clothed us in. We’ll start out with beautiful clothing of godliness, but little by little, we’ll allow our garments to be parted and separated by the foolish and abase things of this world.

Be careful little eyes what you see; be careful little ears what you hear. Why? Because the Father up above is looking down in love, and He doesn’t want to see us spiritually naked and left destitute with shipwrecked faith.

So, God has a dress code, and it’s called holy and clean living. He is calling for His children to come out of the flesh and into the mind of Christ. That’s why He sent Jesus. God saw that we had lost our covering, which was naturally seen by us stripping down and projecting our flesh one to another. But Jesus came to put an end to that awful state of mind, because He is the Word and the Word commands the unclean spirits to come out of us. Though we were once like the man from the country of the Gadarenes who wore no clothing, we are now healed because of the Word, and we sit at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in our right mind.

Holiness Unto The Lord