The Bank Roll

Did you know that when Jesus walked into a certain village, the Bible says that He could do no mighty works? The Bible doesn’t say He wouldn’t do any works, but the Word says He couldn’t do any works because of the people’s unbelief. In one place, Jesus even asked a man if he believed that Jesus was able to perform the miracle for which he was hoping and praying. Isn’t that amazing? All our Lord has ever asked of us is that we believe in His Word. If we could just believe God and for once eliminate doubt, God would speedily answer us. If we could believe God, He would with haste grant us freedom from prison, give us healing in our bodies, empower us with gifts from on high, and much more as the Word of God promises.

Did you know it’s God’s good pleasure to see us bear fruit when we have faith in God’s Words of promise? Did you know that faith is the currency of heaven? Faith is the medium of exchange that God accepts in exchange for our heart’s desire. Faith is God’s money or God’s gold that is tried in the fire of afflictions, heartaches, and tribulations. Have you ever tried to order shoes without having money on your books? Have you ever tried to go to the store without any money on your account? If so, in your heart, you never expected to receive anything at all. It’s the same when we go to God with our petitions without faith. We don’t really believe we’ll receive anything at all. How can we believe for God to give us the desires of our heart if we don’t have faith? The Bible says, “Without faith, It is impossible to please God.” We have got to start building our faith! We have got to make an effort to believe God!

Some of us are too afraid to believe. We get too concerned about what others will think, when we ought to be concerned about what God thinks. For instance, the Bible commands us to pray, giving us many examples of Jesus withdrawing into a solitary place to pray. The Apostle Paul said to pray always; yet, we usually won’t get down on our knees to pray because we are concerned about what our bunk mate or what others in the dorm will think of us. What does it matter what someone else thinks when our soul or a healing is on the line? We’ve got to come to the understanding that all things are mediated to us by the great act of having faith in God’s Word. If we are expecting to build our faith, we have got to get up out of that bunk, stop being lazy, and get to work doing something for Jesus. Faith does not come by loafing around all day watching the ball games, the game shows, and the Hollywood movies. Faith doesn’t come by becoming the spade or domino champion. Faith doesn’t come by allowing just any old thought to enter our minds or any conversation to enter our ears. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Faith comes from diligently searching the Scriptures and applying the Word of God to our hearts.

We must strive daily to build and maintain our faith. If there is one thing that Satan is after, it is our faith. Did you know that every time we resist Satan, as to an evil thought or desire, our faith increases? We may not be able to perceive the increase of faith with our conscious mind at first, but, in the heart, we gain faith and confidence in Christ. Every time we do something for Jesus our faith increases. When we pray, read the Bible, and bear one another’s burdens, we build and strengthen our faith. But if we go contrary to God’s Word and don’t do the things that are pleasing to God, we injure our faith and have no faith and confidence that God will help us.

Don’t miss out on the wonderful inheritance of faith, which is freely given to all who believe on the Word of God. Don’t be like Esau who sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. What was the birthright? It was faith, friend. Don’t forfeit your faith by dibble-dabbling around in the world. The Bible says it is your like precious faith that’s as gold tried in the fire. God is calling for us to have faith in our hearts. Will you answer His call?

Holiness Unto The Lord