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This site is dedicated to the memory of Rev. George Leon Pike, Sr., the Founder and first President of Jesus Christ's Eternal Kingdom Of Abundant Life, Inc. He would have been the first to tell you that who he is isn't important, but the Word of God is all important. He dedicated his Christian life in pursuit of the high calling in Christ. This web site contains audio recorded live during worship and revival services; transcripts of some of these services; short gospel messages designed to be distributed by hand; inspired writings penned during his lifetime; and many songs he wrote during his walk with the Lord.

Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

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  • Audio Sermons added on 11-23-2016: The Body Of This Death (3), Conspiracy, People Of The Third Era, Free From The Curse (3), The Garden Of Today
  • Transcriptions added on 11-01-2016: The Change Of Government (English), You've Left My Ordinances (English)
  • Audio Sermons added on 10-22-2016: The Midnight Hour, The Redemption Of Israel, Preparing The Mansion, Understanding Faith (2), Born Of The Spirit
  • Audio Sermons added on 10-11-2016: The Door Open In Heaven, God's Jacob, Going To Hell, The Day Of Perfection (1), The Birth Of The Spiritual Son
  • Audio Sermons added on 09-21-2016: The Midnight Cry Is Here, Deny Yourselves, Now Is The Hour, One Thing Thou Lackest, Put On Thy Beautiful Garments (2)
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  • Audio Sermons added on 08-06-2016: Something Greater (1), Why Are You Sick, The Law Of The Spirit Of Life, The Rent Veil (09), We Are Children Of Faith
  • Updated Hebrew "The Faith" on 07-07-2016.
  • Audio Sermons added on 06-23-2016: The Last Trumpet Sounded, Who Is The Seventh Angel, The Day Of Joseph, Beyond The Beginning (4), The Great Light (06), The Full Reward, Sealed Up, Time Shall Be No More (5), The Judgment Upon The Earth, A Messenger Of Light
  • Audio Sermons added on 06-04-2016: Christ In You (1), War In Heaven (3), The End Of The Vintage, The Sin Of The Soul, Ye Are Gods (3), War In Heaven (5), The Rest Of God (2), Vain Thoughts, Going On To Perfection (2), Spiritual Performance
  • Audio Sermons added on 05-10-2016: The Rapture Is At Hand, Proud America, The Supper, Our Absolute, The End Of Uncertainty, The Rent Veil (06), The Law Of Adoption, The Invisible World Unveiled, Going On With God, Coming To The Enlightenment